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27: Age I am.
19: Months I have been a mother (counting the baby in the womb time)
5: Years I have lived in Nashville
3: Years I have been at my current job
34: Bowls of ice cream I would eat a day if I didn’t have to think about my health/weight
88: Number of blogs I subscribe to using Google Reader
10+: Number of times I have cried in the last five days
4: Season of Gilmore Girls I am finishing watching right now
500: Number of posts I have written here

I love you. Seriously. Thank you for being my sounding board, my friends, my soulmates, my confidants.

I love you so much I want to give you my biggest, scariest smile.

And just one more number. 2. The number I times I am going to ask you to fill out this survey for me if you haven’t already.

3 thoughts on “500

  1. my dear big sister:
    I am in love with this picture of you. And I am so thankful that even if we don't talk every day, I can keep up with you on your blog! You are an amazing writer (and sister) and I am so blessed by you.

    "auntie roo"

  2. Happy #500, Jessie! I'm so glad you write; I'm so glad to know you. 🙂 And I kinda like that smile, too!

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