Daycare Dilemma

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Have I mentioned that Friday was Libbie’s last day at day care?

A few weeks ago, they told me they wouldn’t use my cloth diapers anymore. Which kinda ticked me off, considering they were the ones that really encouraged me to use them and have always gone on and on about how much they like them. They told me the reason was because they have sick care at their facility. Who knows?

So, anyway, that was kind of the “last straw” as far as daycare goes. It was very expensive, and I just did not want to be buying diapers on top of that. Plus she is the oldest kid in the class now, and I felt like there weren’t many kids for her to play with. So I sought out a friend to keep her. Although it will be a longer drive for me, it will be less expensive and she has two girls–just 1 and almost 3.

So Thursday night, stuck here at home as Libbie slept, I made picture frames from cereal boxes, scapbook paper, and pictures I printed out that I’d taken of her and her teachers. On Friday, I went into her classroom and picked up all her pieces of the last 7 months.

It dawned on me that for those 7 months, she’s spent more time with her daycare teachers than with me. And I was tearing her away from them. The guilt started piling on. Was it the right thing to do to totally change her schedule and throw her in with new people for my sake? For finances?

I don’t know. I do think she’ll be very happy with my friend and her girls. She’ll be able to go outside, have friends, and have a quieter place to nap (so maybe she actually will).

But I sobbed as I drove away from daycare.

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8 thoughts on “Daycare Dilemma

  1. I think that this is one of the SUCKIEST parts of being a mom- having to find someone else to take care of your precious baby while you work. I think that Libby will be great with your friend- you didn't do this just because of finances, you also want her to have age appropriate play mates and be able to wear cloth diapers. Just think, too, of the extra attention she'll get being one of three. I bet that she starts doing all sorts of big kid stuff since she'll be around older kids. There are a lot of positives to this decision, so no guilt! (Easier said than done, I know.) Hang in there and have a great week!

  2. Kids are very resilient. More so than we give them credit for. As long as you have trustworthy childcare for her with your friend, and she will have a couple of other kids to "play" with, she will be fine. My daughter went to daycare for 2 years (until my son was born) and she missed it a little when I pulled her out, but she has been much healthier and well-balanced since then. (I have a part-time nanny now who watches both of my kids).

  3. Oh, Jessie, how hard! We are actually dealing with some daycare dilemmas, too. In short, our babysitter insisted we switch A’s nap from the morning (when she’s at home with my husband) to the afternoon (when she’s at the babysitter’s). Then she asked for a raise. I understand what you mean about the last straw. As we’ve gone back and forth and back and forth about what to do and what’s best for A, all I can think about is how much she LOVES her babysitter and her daughters. I just can’t imagine how it will feel if and when we move her to a daycare. It’s just hard…

    I’m sure Libbie will be fine, and I bet she’ll love having two friends to play with!!

  4. I feel your pain… I still can't wrap my head around what their issue was with the cloth diapers. I had a go-around with my daughter's daycare a while ago when they said they would no longer be able to store a bag or two of frozen breastmilk. It sounds like Libbie will have a great time with your friend who will be caring for her. No more stringent daycare rules! If it makes you feel better, my daughter is transitioning to the toddler room at daycare next month and there are so many changes I am having a hard time with – namely going from 2 naps to one, no more bottles and the sippy cups can't have handles. Good grief! So enjoy being able to keep Libbie a baby as long as you can. 🙂

  5. What a tough situation, mama! I think you're doing the right thing. I know how that mommy guilt feels, though. It's so hard. Your new sitter sounds like a good place and she WILL adjust.

  6. I'm so sorry for what you are going through with the daycare transitions…sounds like it is tough! Hang in there, and just love on your little girl- she is adorable!!

  7. My friend, This is the WORST part of parenting for me, so far. It is awful and I've been through it a couple times and just switched recently. It tears me up every time and I always question myself, my motives, whether or not I really heard God say that, etc.. Ugh. I wish I knew the answer. I only can agree with the issue- and hopefully that will give you some strength; we all suffer from it. But like several others mentioned, I'm POSITIVE that Libbie will do great with more outdoor time and friends her age! FUN!! You are doing the right thing! Just keep telling yourself that- and I will do the same!

  8. Kids are so resiliant! And the most important part is the STEADY-ness (can't think of the right word…) of you! That's what will make her feel secure.

    Love you!

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