Five Years …

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I don’t like to “post over” my Family Recipe Fridays posts, so this is one day late. But what’s one day in the grand scheme of things?

Yesterday (Friday) was our five-year wedding anniversary. As I’m writing this Thursday, we have no real plans except to eat a nice meal at home, enjoy one another’s company, and be in love. Which we are still, very much.

If–like me–you mean it when you said you married your best friend, you are a blessed woman.

Mr. V is, above all, my best friend in the world. I want to tell him everything. We have fun together. And that gets us through the times we might not feel so ooey-gooey in love.

I’m not going to lie; this year has been hard. Not so much our relationship, but life’s circumstances. The first three months of our fifth year I was very large and pregnant. And not so agreeable to live with. I didn’t even want to live with me. Then we had a newborn. Then we had a very long process of Mr. V applying to teach at schools and not getting any interviews.

At one point, the three of us–me, Mr. V, and Libbie–all laid in our bed and cried. This is not what we had planned for our life together.

But we’re discovering that what God has planned is so much more for us. Mr. V has gotten a wonderful job at a private high school in Chattanooga. When we sell our house, I’m going to live my dream of being a stay-at-home mom and freelancer. While this time of transition is trying, I can only believe it will continue to build character and make us stronger.

It would have been easy to turn our upset over predicaments into arguments with one another. And I’m sure I tried several times. But fortunately I am married to a saint who has figured out how to deal with my (clinical) depression, moods, and general craziness. For some reason, he adores me.

And oh, I love him.

It’s so true that when you see your husband loving your child, you love him in a completely new and wonderful way. Mr. V adores his daughter and loves to be with her, which makes me love him all the more.

At 27, I feel like I was just a kid when we got married, just three months out of college. It was the craziest summer of my life. Now, about to impart on another life adventure … I am grateful to have my best friend next to me. And God as the Head of our marriage.

7 thoughts on “Five Years …

  1. I'll admit I was pretty jealous yesterday when you said you woke to flowers. Then I had to remind myself that God didn't give me a guy that did the flowers thing, but he made breakfast for an entire housefull of people and kids that all dashed out afterwards and then he cleaned up afterwards. So, I'm thinking I'm pretty blessed too.

    I have to say though, I've always pictured your Mr. V as your wedding day picture. I love this picture of him and Libby, he just looks like he'll make a cool teacher that the kids will love.

    Again, happy day!

  2. We just got back from Chattanooga, and it is such a fun city–lots of fun things for kids, with a nice, walkable downtown area! I hope you love it, and that your sixth year is the best ever!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. V!! I love this: “It's so true that when you see your husband loving your child, you love him in a completely new and wonderful way.” Could not have said it better myself, so I’ll just say, “AMEN!”

  4. So sweet! I am so happy for you that he got a job in Chattanooga! What an intense transition, though!

    I married my best friend too, and after 12 years, we are still the best of friends!

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