Nearing 500

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I have three more posts after this one, and then it will be my 500th post.

I actually thought this was it, but apparently Blogger counts drafts, so I went through and deleted those (just titles and one funny Mr. V quote from 1.5 years ago). This is 496.

I feel like I should do some big brouhaha for my 500th post, but really, what would I do?

I am pretty sure you don’t want to read 500 things about me. My 500 Favorite Recipes would be a bit excessive. I was considering my favorite ten or so posts from this large collection. Or I could give someone $500. Ha! Just kidding. I wish. You’ll have to click on my Amazon links just a little bit more for me to be able to do that. 🙂

So, any ideas?

5 thoughts on “Nearing 500

  1. I like $500. Maybe what you'd buy if you had $500 that you HAD to spend on yourself. Had. To.

    And then how you'd spend $500 if you had to buy something(s) for someone else.

    And maybe how you'd donate $500.

  2. Kacie's idea is good. Kind of like that Barenaked Ladies song, "If I Had a Million Dollars!"

    I'll hit 400 in a couple days and was wondering the same thing – what should I do? So I am no help!

  3. I just passed 300 and didn't even notice it! Geesh Louish.
    OK- what about 500 words on something? That would be a bit more doable than $500, maybe. 🙂
    Or I like the idea of your top 10 posts.
    Or I'm always a BNL fan. We LOVE them live in concert. Just don't go Google Bare Naked Ladies and expect to come up with their concert dates.

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