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There are three times in my life I remember screaming without realizing I was doing it.

The first time I was about six or seven and playing the original King’s Quest on our very new computer. Somehow I wandered my character right into his death. I started screaming at the top of my lungs: “THE WITCH ATE ME!!!!!!!!!” My parents thought I had been killed.

The other two are more recent. Number two was when I got into a car accident almost two years ago. As the (passed-out) driver hit us, I screamed once. Then I screamed again in pure terror. Just twice, but I remember it vividly. I was sure I was going to die or at least be severely injured. The fact that I got away from that with just a small scar on my arm still amazes me.

The third time was Saturday around 7 p.m.

We were leaving a friend’s house after dinner. They have very steep, cobbled stone stairs outside. I was carrying Libbie, and wearing flip-flops. I slipped and toppled head-first down seven or eight of those stone stairs.

It’s one of those nightmares of motherhood, those things you imagine. I was hysterical. By the grace of God, Libbie only got a scratch on one foot and a bruise on the other. I am scratched and bruised all over both my legs, but neither of us broke anything and for that I feel very blessed. It could have been SO much worse.

OK, but really. Am I the Queen of Freak Accidents? Since we have moved to Nashville, I have:
passed out at the Y in the shower and sprained my hip; had to be hauled off to the ER half-naked
–sprained my ankle both playing Wii Tennis and stepping off the curb at my house
–got rear-ended sitting still waiting to turn
–had my car totaled by a driver who passed out at the wheel
–sprained my foot by falling down at the grocery store
–thrown out my back getting out of my car
–and now this.

I just feel like the clumsiest person in the world. I know it was something that could happen to anyone … but could ALL of this happen to one person, really? Has anyone else had THIS MANY freak accidents?

At least I still haven’t broken a bone.

And for protection in all these situations, I am so thankful.

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8 thoughts on “Screaming

  1. I've broken toes twice. Once running into a door in the dark and once tripping up some stairs. So I guess I'm a bit of a klutz too!

  2. I know how scary it is to fall down stairs with your baby – and just like a good mama, you took the pain and kept her safe, tho I'm sure you clung to her so tight she couldn't breath for a second!
    my first broken bone was falling down stairs with eliz in my arms, tiny 6 week old and she only woke from my gripping her so hard and then went back to sleep after my scream. later i'll tell you about my idiot move when walking across campus and falling off of a flat sidewalk! (but not on here).

  3. So glad you and Libby are okay. It truly is a one of the nightmares of motherhood.

    God's kept you safe through all of these scary incidents, I know he'll continue to do so!

  4. Oh my goodness – King's Quest! Wow…we never had video games growing up, but King's Quest IV was a computer game a friend let us borrow after he beat it. I never had the patience to make it completely through. Guess I'm just not cut out for video/computer games.

  5. I'm pretty clumsy too, missed the curb yesterday and thought I was going to be hurting today. My poor boys are the same way!

  6. Jessie!! Oh my goodness, girl! I'm so thankful you are okay – and yes, I'm afraid that list of injuries is a little crazy.

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