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So, last night found me bawling on the couch along with Libbie, who I feel has done nothing but wail for about three days. Isn’t it lovely?

One too many things. Those last straws seem to be burying me alive.

I have a lovely post in progress, but today I’m off to Chattanooga to fill out rental papers for our home there! YAY! SO excited to see my Mr. V and my new (old) house.

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  1. Well, this answers my question on FB. I'm so sorry that life is crazy and stressful for you right now!! I cannot imagine taking care of Annalyn all by myself on top of trying to sell a house. You are AWESOME, Jessie. And you WILL get through this – God will see to that!

    Enjoy your time with Mr. V!!!

  2. Oh Jessie! It gets so much easier, I promise. I've had those nights (and mornings, and mid-afternoons, etc); I think every mother has. I find turning up my favorite Hanson song generally helps, b/c, as my mom told me, the baby will cry for as long as he needs to, and there's nothing to be gained by stressing yourself out listening to it. If she's cleaned, fed, and not in pain, try to focus on that.
    And just in case, I'll be sending you some prayers today 🙂

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