Ten Months

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My sweetest Libbie-girl,

The last four weeks, your tenth month, have flown by. With Daddy being out of town, me being insane at work, and having family come, I don’t even know where it’s gone. It seems like just yesterday we were having your beautiful nine-month pictures taken. I feel like I’ve been robbed of time, even though I know we spent plenty of time together in the last weeks.

This month, more than anything, you seem like a little girl. You are crawling like crazy and pulling yourself up on absolutely everything. You hate going to bed and avoid it at all costs. When you are tired you try to wake yourself up by hitting yourself or pulling your hair. It’s quite interesting. You eat like a crazy lady. I don’t know where you put all the food, but you are constantly hungry and devour pretty much anything I put in front of you (except squash and cucumber, much to your daddy’s delight).

Every minute I love you more, sweetness. I can’t wait to be home with you and play with you as you learn more and more. I love how you smell like apricots (your favorite food). I love your sweet curls. I love your babbling voice and it tears me up inside when you cry, your little face distorted in unhappiness. Why can’t I always make it better? A mother’s plight.

You are the most darling child, you make me laugh, and I am so glad to be your mother.


2 thoughts on “Ten Months

  1. She is just darling. It's amazing to see how much more she looks like a girl than the last time I saw her!

    (Hope you knew I was really thinking about how small my John is in comparison–not how large Libbie is in person!)

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