Things I Love Thursday: Shoes on Sale

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After two ankle sprains (one that was pretty severe), I really cannot wear high heels. At all. It pains me to say that because I am short and I loved heels. I am just now able to wear my wedges again after a sprain earlier this year. But mostly, I live in flats or very low kitten heels.

Amazon is having a pretty good sale on women’s shoes right now. I really wish I could wear these:

But these are more up my alley with the ankle issues. [Also, I am really obsessed with red shoes. I wore my red flats to DEATH and have mourned the fact I can’t find another pair I like that don’t cost $100.]

If your tootsies could use some new shoe love, you can find all women’s pumps and flats on sale at Amazon here.

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[Diclaimer: Yes, I get a teensy tiny percent if you buy anything through Amazon using my links. That is not the reason I’m doing this post though; I’m writing it because I have so much going on at work my brain cannot think of anything else to write about but shoes. Plus I am so thrilled my adorable black wedge boots are not hurting me too badly today!]

3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday: Shoes on Sale

  1. What woman doesn't love a good pair of shoes on sale? My husband always tells me I have too many flip-flops. So when I found some really cute shoes on clearance for $6 and he commented "You don't need another pair of flip-flops!", I had to spin it and point out that these were not flip-flops…rather, they were "dress sandals." He just laughed. 🙂 What size shoe do you wear? I've got some red kitten heels that I think I've only worn once…size 7 1/2 if you are interested!

  2. I think it is hard to love shoes and be a SAHM because I have nowhere to wear super cute shoes!!I am totally with you on the red shoe thing. I have a pair that isn't even that comfortable but I wear them because they are so stinkin' cute!!

  3. Those red babies are amazing! and so are the slingbacks! I love shoe shopping, but I only can buy them when they are ridiculously on sale! I found an awesome clearance place about an hour away, and I go crazy there!

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