Things I Won’t Be Writing About Today

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Libbie’s insane constipation issues

The fact that I have had nothing but problems with nursing for over a month. It’s getting very frustrating.

How much I miss Mr. V, who just left for Chattanooga on Tuesday.

How tired I am because Libbie thought 1 AM would be a fun time to wake up screaming bloody murder and then decided she didn’t really want to go back to sleep. Ever.

How happy I am my parents and sister are coming tomorrow

How much I wish our house would sell

How good I am at wasting time by going back and forth between Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, e-mail, PCOS Message Board, and Amazon.

And by the way, whoever bought nine pairs of shoes using my Amazon link–I love you. And you have very good taste in shoes. I do try to make my Amazon purchases using someone else’s affiliate link, so if you have one on your blog, let me know!

Please come back tomorrow when I am more well-rested for Family Recipe Fridays. It’s going to be “Soup Day”!

7 thoughts on “Things I Won’t Be Writing About Today

  1. Things I won't be writing about today: the insane never ending cycle of laundry and dishes. NEVER ENDING.

    (ps–hugs to you!)

  2. Who knew I would ever get caught up in all this social networking. I just signed up for a new one – Goodread. I must be crazy. Hey…it gives me something to do while I'm waiting up way past 1am for my baby to come home.

  3. NINE pairs?! Cool for them AND for you! 😉

    Ugh – I'm so sorry to hear about all your troubles that you're not writing about. I hope you get a good dose of extra sleep tonight!!!

  4. Just so you know, I feel your pain on the nursing issue. After having successfully nursing 2 kids, my 3rd, the only boy!, took over a month to get the hang of it. I was just about to give up, (and, truth be told, I only persisited because formula is so expensive!) when right after he turned a month, he finally caught on. So my prayer for you is that whatever your desire is for nursing, that it will all work out! 🙂

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