Transitioning to Big-Girl Foods

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At home, Libbie eats mainly table foods and breastmilk. We did a lot of baby-led weaning, but have mostly stuck with purees for daycare.

She’s nine months now, and she loves food. The girl has met very few foods she doesn’t like. She especially loves fruit in all shapes and forms (although kiwis and grapes have not been a big hit).

For daycare, I usually send a fruit puree and some kind of veggie puree (the fruit and veggies I generally make myself).

All this to say, this weekend I bought some marked-down Earth’s Best baby food…ten jars of three different kind of meat mixtures. We’ve tried two of them, and Libbie absolutely refuses to eat them. She likes meat cut into little pieces, but still has a difficult time getting it down because she doesn’t have a top tooth. But this jarred food she resisted like the plague.

How did you transition your baby to solid proteins? How long did you continue purees? Any tricks up your sleeves I should know about? And anyone want 8 jars of organic baby food? (Sigh.)

13 thoughts on “Transitioning to Big-Girl Foods

  1. Ohhhh, I'll take 'em! Me! Me!

    Seriously, though, I can feel your pain. Our daughter loved almost everything but now refuses anything with texture, just purees. And although I was making her purees myself, I got lazy with all of our summer travels and have slipped into the world of Earth's Best.

    Our pediatrician said that although it sounds weird, some babies will resist some of the meat flavors until they have top and bottom teeth. Weird, right?

    Have you tried pureeing your own meat mixes?

  2. My daughter loved those gerber meat sticks. They really grossed me out, but she ate them like crazy. I stuck with the chicken and turkey flavors.

    For my son (#2 transitioned to table food much sooner than #1, plus he had about 8 teeth by the time he was 9 months old), I would puree whatever main dish we were eating or chop into small pieces so he could feed himself … like chicken poppyseed casserole, meatloaf and chicken pot pie. These were all big hits. You can always try diced up hot dogs and deli meat too.

  3. Have you tried mixing with something she likes? Mom says i would eat ANYTHING as long as it was mixed with banana. So weird.

  4. Sorry I don't have much advice. This time around has been alot harder for some reason than the 1st … I feel confused more!! I just know it's amazing what they can do with those gums when you do start switching to solids!!

  5. For us, it happened spontaneously. One day the day care workers told us that my daughter (probably 6.5 months at the time) had stolen a chicken nugget from a classmate and wouldn't give it back! lol! After that she would eat anything and everything in sight. (Seriously- don't get in between her and chicken nuggets unless you want to lose an arm. ;)) And that's with no teeth until she was 11 months old.

    I say just let her have a go at it! Just watch to see if she has any problems chocking on the food you give her. Otherwise, just use common sense about the foods you give her and she'll be fine!

  6. We were really conservative with our food changes. I waited until 6 months to start cereal. Then I think we started the jar baby food around 9 months (maybe 8). I waited until almost exactly 12 months to start finger foods. When we did the jar baby food, we started with veggies, then fruit, then meat. That’s just what our doctor suggested – I’m not sure there’s any surefire rules!??

  7. The jarred meats really do smell gross, so I can't imagine they'd taste much better. I would keep them for emergency food, for example, if the power went out due to tornado or perhaps in the trunk of your car if you happened to be stranded somewhere.

    I have poached chicken breasts and processed them to a fine, fine dice. I also poached some organic steak and pureed with tomato juice. Both of these I thaw and mix with a chunkier fruit or veg at serving time.

    John still has no teeth at all!

  8. Isaac only eats pureed food if we give it to him first before he sees the sold stuff ( and before we are eating).

    As for the pureed stuff, somedays he will eat it some days he won't. You may want to keep it, she may change her mind.

    I just freeze small portions of cooked meats and veggies so that I can pull them out and thaw them for a quick and easy meal. Or we give him what we are eating these days.

    In the early days I just tried this and that. It really is trial and error. Mostly error.

  9. What about if you mixed the food with something that she does like- i.e. half a jar of baby food plus mashed sweet potato? That will get her used to the taste gradually and maybe make things easier?

  10. Ew. I don't think Lydia ate meat till she was like 2.5. For protein we mainly did black beans, chickpeas, hummus and cheese. Not to mention the insane amount of soymilk she drinks.

    My pediatrician said kids don't usually get the "taste" for meat until they are like 5. So, I'm stickin' w/that!


  11. I put pureed tofu in some of Connor's food. It is high in protein, especially if mixed with a whole grain and the taste is really neutral. My 3 y/o loves meat, but didn't really start to eat it until he was around 18 mos. I don't think it is mandatory – if there are other proteins she likes better, let her have those. Hummus is and always has been a giant hit with the kids and it is easy to make!

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