Attention, Shoppers!

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I’m a little fuzzy-brained from this weekend’s trip to Chattanooga. I have two lovely posts in drafts, but I want to make sure they make sense before I hit publish!

So instead, here are a few fun deals from Amazon for this week. (I am totally already looking at Christmas presents!)

Working Mother magazine is $9.97 for a one-year subscription, which is a pretty good deal! It’s a great magazine if you’re dealing with those working mom issues like I am, full of bright pictures and good ideas.

Earth’s Best items (baby foods, snacks, and cereals; diapers and wipes; organic formula) are all on sale for up to 50% off. We used the Earth’s Best oatmeal with Libbie (skipping rice cereal), and I try to always use Earth’s Best if we’re going for jarred foods because I trust they won’t have a lot of other junk in the ingredients. Libbie is a big fan of the apples and blueberries.

You can get the whole first season of one of our favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory, for $18.99 right now. We can watch these episodes over and over again and they are still funny! I am SO looking forward to Season 3 starting tonight!!

My favorite stacking cooling racks are not only 1/2 off their normal price, but also in the Amazon buy 4 for the price of 3 sale, which includes other fun baking things such as this donut pan, grill pan, and Pyrex baking set (you know, just in case your pie plate just exploded in your oven).

So, fess up: when do you do your Christmas shopping? I have one present for my dad right now, and that’s it. I am going to keep it VERY simple this year, but I need to get a move on.

2 thoughts on “Attention, Shoppers!

  1. I try to do my Christmas shopping early, but ALWAYS end up adding on tons of things in December. I'm not doing it this year. You hear me?? NOT. DOING. IT.

    Please remind me of this in December, ok?

  2. I start picking up gifts throughout the year as I see good deals on stuff I know will be good gifts. This helps me spread out the cost, not stress so much at Christmas (b/c the gifts have already been bought!), and get the best deals. I have a "gift box" where I keep all these presents I've picked up and usually about now (or maybe a little later), I'll start a running list (okay, Excel spreadsheet) of what I've bought for each person so I don't end up with 13 gifts for my sister…which is not uncommon!

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