Black is This Year’s Pink

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Last night we went to see Wicked at TPAC in Nashville.

I almost have no words for what I felt. Is that too melodramatic?

Working with Serendipity, one of our sort of catch phrases is to take notice of the things that make you come alive. That is where you need to be meeting God in His work.

The only way I can describe how this musical affected me is to say that: it made my heart come alive.

Maybe it is just the hope deferred, finally come true. I have wanted to see the musical for a really, really long time. I first read the book in high school. As soon as I knew there was a musical based on it, I was longing to see it. I am a tiny bit obsessed with musicals, you see.

Maybe it’s the little bit of my heart that still thinks I could be in musicals, if I lost some weight and had a little more talent for acting. I have rarely felt as exhilarated as I did after performing in our Broadway Revue show at church.

Or maybe it’s just the amazing story, come to life. The absolutely phenomenal voice of Marcie Dodd, who played Elphaba and was just, well, enchanting. The unexpected (for me) perkiness of Glinda, which must have required the actress to have endless wells of energy.

It was beautiful. I absolutely did not want it to end. And I’ve come away wondering, what does this mean? Why does it stir my heart so? Is something there unfulfilled, something I should be pursuing?

Have you seen Wicked? I’d love to know your thoughts.

7 thoughts on “Black is This Year’s Pink

  1. You know I have seen it. I absolutely loved it!! I think the fact that it was kind of the "back story" of Wizard of Oz was what helped make it amazing. And the music was just wonderful. Loved it, loved it, loved it. In my humble opinion is was better than Les Mis, probably because I knew the story.

  2. You also know I have seen it and loved it. I think the fantasy sort of feel that it has while still conveying human issues and feelings is just amazing. The only word I can really describe it with is MAGICAL. But we all know that I've always been in love with the Wizard of Oz…so…

  3. We were there Friday night too! We thought it was better than in Chicago, and maybe the best company we'd seen of any show, even on Broadway.

    I love Wicked because of the "backside" story to Wizard of Oz, like you said, and because of the raw emotion in Elphaba's acceptance of both who she is and what others have made her. I also love how political the show is, emphasizing the gray areas between good and evil, and that we are not qualified to label anyone an "axis of evil."

  4. I know exactly what you mean. The last time I went to Disney w/my parents (as an adult) we went to a particularly good show (I know it's not Broadway) and I told my mom, "I'm mad at you for not keeping me in dance classes!" I would love to be on the stage. Only at this point…I'd only be good at starring as myself. *sigh*

    No, haven't seen Wicked. I want to.

  5. I have that little bit in my heart, too. 🙂 I haven't seen Wicked, though! I've only heard GREAT things about it and would LOVE to see it!! I'm glad you had the chance to finally experience it, Jessie!

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