Does It Count As Wordless Wednesday If the Words Are on the Picture?

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I’m just a little proud of my cheapskate fashion for Libbie. Here’s the lowdown on what I paid for this section of her wardrobe (most of our fall stuff; just realized she has almost no play clothes in this size).

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6 thoughts on “Does It Count As Wordless Wednesday If the Words Are on the Picture?

  1. Good deals! I just bought some stuff at Old Navy for next spring summer – cute dresses for less than $2! Now hopefully they'll be the right size. All of her fall clothes are 18 months and she is still too skinny for most of them!

  2. My daughter had that cherry dress last year- it is absolutely adorable. My mom is great at finding good deals on clothes- I think she mostly goes to TJ Maxx or watches for sales at Carters. I almost never buy my daughter any clothes, my mom has too much fun buying stuff for her that there is very little leftover that she needs!

  3. Don't forget the little Childrens Place outfit I bought last time. It is playwear. What size are you looking for? Nana will be happy to buy stuff (especially with a birthday coming up). PS call me on my cell sometime today I have a ? for you.


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