Eleven Months

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Sweet Libbie-Girl,

I am going to have to start your “Month 12” album on Shutterfly tonight to accommodate the pictures we took of you today. A good way to give your mommy a heart attack. I am ashamed of the low number of pictures we took of you in your eleventh month. But you’re always on the move; it’s nearly impossible to get a good shot.

This has been your first full month with Daddy away. He’s in Chattanooga, where hopefully we’ll be before too long. It is hard here, us on our own, Little Bit. Mommy struggles. Some nights it’s all I can do to get you fed and changed into your pajamas before bed. It seems that a lot of our life is like this right now: you eating coupons and Cheerios off the floor. It’s sad, but true.

I am enjoying you at this age so much, though. You’re a hoot. You love to babble and sing to yourself; you’re cruising all over everything and Daddy and I think you will walk within the month; you play but keep coming back to me for hugs and reassurance.

We stopped nursing for real just a few days ago. (That is a whole other letter.) I am so glad we have had that wonderful, sweet relationship for this long. You have been SO healthy through these eleven months, and I credit breastfeeding with that. It’s definitely been a transition for us, but you’re doing really great–and eating tons. I couldn’t believe at the doctor this week you were only 19 pounds. I guess you are so active you burn off all that bread and cheese you love to gobble down.

While it makes my heart hurt a little to know you’ll be turning one in just one short month, our time with you has been an immense blessing and I can’t wait to see how you change as you grow up. I know we’ll have so much fun together.

I Love You Forever,


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5 thoughts on “Eleven Months

  1. Ah. That brought tears to my eyes. It makes me cherish our nursing times together so much. I don't know what I will do when I do not have that relationship any longer. I can completely understand why women extend the relationship for years. Libby is such a beauty, such a blessing. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  2. Enjoy, enjoy. My youngest turned twelve on Saturday and I enjoyed looking through every picture (he claimed there were a bazillion LOL) of him through the years (while I bawled like a baby)

  3. "Mommy struggles." So honest…but you are not alone! This mommy struggles, too – AND lets her daughter eat cheerios off the floor. 🙂

  4. Oh, Jessie, this is so sweet! I can't imagine how it is with your hubby working in Chattanooga, but I will be praying for you! Love the picture of her eating coupons! She'll laugh later!

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