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I’m getting a little concerned at the rapidly increasing list of TV shows I’m planning on watching this fall. Especially since I don’t have DVR or TiVo of any kind.

First, there is my old friend How I Met Your Mother. Accompanied on Monday night by her geeky buddy The Big Bang Theory.

On Wednesdays, I’ll be watching Glee followed by Top Chef, assuming I can stay up that late!

And on Thursdays, The Office and Project Runway.

I’ve never had so many shows on the docket. I am kind of embarrassed. I just don’t like to be glued to my TV. And I will take it in stride, knowing that life is way more important than TV.

But if I’m still here at home by myself … it doesn’t seem like such a bad thing to have something to do most nights!

So, what shows are you looking forward to this fall?

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6 thoughts on “Fall TV

  1. I LOVE glee. and I have decided that I have to start watching season 5 of himym even tho I didn't watch season 4. because I found out by watching a repeat on lifetime that Ted and Stella didn't get married. So now I have to find out who he will marry…when does it start?

  2. The only show I watch is Grey's Anatomy. We don't have a DVR or Tivo or anything either, so I purposely don't get into anything that I can't watch online or DVD. We do like The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, but we watch it online. Same for HawthoRNe.

  3. Stay tuned for my post on Thursday, where I will amaze you with my shameless love for all things TV. I will make your list look completely normal and healthy. Because I (may) have a problem.


  4. i love the big bang theory!! it is too geeky fun! i am feeling you on too many shows, we dont even have cable and yet my list is picking up fast too!
    1. big bang
    2. biggest loser
    3. one tree hill
    4. really thinking about glee too!

  5. So many shows, so little time.
    I love Grey's and was almost in tears to find that Chuck was postponed/ delayed whatever. That is THE BEST show to me.
    And I cannot go further without telling you that a TiVo will change your life. And I mean that in the MOST dramatic way you could read it. 🙂

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