Five and Five Make Ten

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I was inspired by my good friend Jill’s Top Ten Tuesday Etsy post last week. I love Etsy. I love the idea of supporting handmade goods and I don’t use it to shop nearly enough. If you don’t know what Etsy is, it’s a website dedicated to selling handmade crafts from people around the world. I find that most people price their items competitively and ship reasonably as well.

So, for my first five, I have my five favorite things purchased from Etsy.

1. Cat buttons from seller poshtottysupplies. Way back in the day, before I got pregnant and tired, I used to crochet a lot, especially baby clothes. I got these to coordinate with a sweater I was making. Unfortunately I think they’re still in an envelope in my crochet bag. But I WILL use them someday. Because how precious are they?!

2. “Buttercup” earrings from seller 2dy4. I got these for my best friend Michelle for Christmas last year. They just screamed of her style! I love the vintage-style jewelry from this seller and the earrings even came in an adorable vintage tin (all for $11!).

3. Wet bags from MonkeyFoot Designs. When you cloth diaper, you have to have wet bags. I have three sizes from this seller, who was recommended to me by Steph–small, large, and extra-large. We use the XL in her room for changes at home, the large in the diaper bag for a day’s worth of diapers for daycare/sitter, and the small for in my purse or small diaper bag if we’re just running out for a bit. They are super high quality and I LOVE the patterns–especially of this one I’ve pictured!

4. This is my reversible Dashwood sling from seller loveseptember. So sweet and I adored it when Libbie was a little bitty thing. And we all know I love loveseptember because she gave away a sling to one of my readers!

5. Someone gave me this exact hooded towel for Libbie, and I just loved it SO much I hunted it down to get one for my friend Amy‘s daughter, Aubrie. (When your kid’s name is Libbie with an IE or Aubrie, it’s hard to find something personalized!) The Etsy seller is tinysunshine and she has a great assortment of personalized sweetness. The towel is very nice and fluffy and I just love the little whale design!

And for the remaining five, here are my current five favorite items that I’d love to have from Etsy! (Christmas is coming, dear Mr. V, cough cough!)

6. All of shlomitofir‘s jewelry is exquisite, but I especially love these silver and turquoise earrings.

7. Another one from the same seller. I am drooling. Aren’t they gorgeous?

8. I love Meghan Langford‘s beautiful photos of Nashville. I will need some Nashville memorabilia when I relocate!

9. You know I can’t resist a precious little dress for my little one. How cute would she be in this next summer? I am slightly obsessed with Lil Miss Muffin dresses.

10. I love these sweet hand-stamped necklaces that have become popular. I only worry about having one made with Libbie’s name and then having more kids! Won’t they be jealous? Am I too ridiculous? This one is from seller CristinaAshleyDesign.

For more Top Ten Tuesday, visit OhAmanda. And if you want to find me on Etsy, I’m crochetterie.

11 thoughts on “Five and Five Make Ten

  1. I love Etsy, too. I could spend WAY too much time and money there!

    I've bought some monogrammed hand towels for our bathroom from SewMade4U and also an adorable onesie from Rockabyetro.

    I have to admit this weekend I was looking at all the Halloween/Fall decorations on Etsy. I am SO not crafty so I drool at all the stuff!

    Hey I LOVE your new design here…I don't know if I have commented on that or not!

  2. Etsy, Etsy, how I love thee…

    We have a few of those hooded towels a friend made and we LOVE them! My kids still use them (10 and 3).

  3. Awesome list! I've sent my husband a link to Pampering Beki's etsy shop with a gentle nudge. 😉

    Oh & those itty bitty girl dresses… so adding her to my faves!

  4. I just discovered Etsy and now can't seem to do anything else on the internet. I love the lady with the spoon handle bracelets. We are getting them for my mother-in-law with our girls names on them.

    I loved looking at the sellers you posted about too.

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