No, She Didn’t Actually Drink It

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Ran across these cute pictures today and thought they’d be fun for (sort of) Wordless Wednesday. At Dollywood in June, my dad was trying to get a picture of Libbie for a contest on the Coke Rewards site. Unfortunately he missed the deadline by one day, so we’ll never know if Libbie really IS the cutest baby ever or not. (Well, really, I mean, we know. How could she not be?)

And this is how tired she was by the end of the day. She fell asleep while Mr. V was holding her and walking across the park to the exit.

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6 thoughts on “No, She Didn’t Actually Drink It

  1. Very cute!

    I have a large Dollywood mug that I keep at my desk at work. My coworkers often make fun of me for it. Nothing like drinking out of a mug with a big ol' picture of Dolly Parton on it. 😉

    Seeing that picture also makes me miss Opryland USA. 🙁 I'm sure you can sympathize.

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