Rainbow of Cars

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My coworker Jon thinks it’s weird that I name my cars by color. Perhaps it’s because I don’t care, really, about the make or model of whatever I’m driving at the time. I have friends who name their cars–like, a real name–and while that’s cute, I just don’t do that either.

My first car was a Plymouth Reliant 1986 K-Car. It looked like this, only it was that shade of Old Lady Blue. You know the one. My parents bought it for me with 75,000 miles on it despite the fact that it was 12 years old.

I loved that car. But when my sister got her learner’s permit, my parents gave it to her and gave me their nicer, red Eagle Vision. The Eagle served me well for many years, well-loved through college as for a while I was the only one of my friends with wheels. It had students stuffed in it to the brim as we made midnight runs to Wendy’s. It got many a ticket as sometimes I was too lazy to walk to Mr. V’s dorm across the lake.

Then we moved to Tennessee. My poor red Eagle was getting old–it was already 10 years old when we moved here–and it started burning oil. The AC broke. And yet, we drove it, because there was no way we could buy another car. It earned its title The Red Car of Death. I was sure it was going to break down on the highway one day and gasp its last breath.

Last fall we were finally able to afford a new (used) car–with cash we had saved, the Dave Ramsey and in my opinion absolutely best way to buy a car. It’s a Buick Century in what I like to call Granny Gold. (Apparently those old-lady color cars just cost less or something.)

The day we brought Libbie home from the hospital, Habitat for Humanity towed away the Red Car of Death to auction off for a few pennies.

Without getting into the lovely train of Cars I’ve Totaled Since We Moved to Tennessee, we now have the Gold Car and the Gray Car (a Saturn Ion…don’t get me started about it. Grump.).

How do you refer to your cars? By name, model, color? Am I THAT weird?

7 thoughts on “Rainbow of Cars

  1. We generally refer to our cars by the make. We had a Mazda Protege and a Ford Explorer (both given to us by my in-laws). So we just called them the Mazda and the Ford. But we traded the Explorer and got another Mazda, and we can't call them both "the Mazda." We try to call them by the Model, but that's too much work so we go with Car and Truck instead. Even though it's an suv not a truck. Maybe we should go with color instead. That'd be easier.

  2. We have named always named our cars. I think it started with our little red Kia. It was a cute little car & fun so it became Elmo.
    Then we had a silver minivan, but never came up with a good name for it other than the misnomer Bullet. Now we have Honda Pilot which my daughter named Otto. Get it?
    Otto Pilot. Haha

  3. i name my cars after harrison ford characters. my first car was han…as in han solo, pilot of the millenium falcon. like the falcon, when you punched the gas my car was either "the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy" or else it broke.

    my new car (i've only had two in my life) is quinn, named after his character in 6 days 7 nights. quinn is silver, like ford's hair in the movie. and is 20 years my junior (much like ford's love interest).

  4. The first car i drove was a '78 Buick Century station wagon (wood panel sides . . . metal rack on top). It was facetiously call the Party Wagon. You COULD fit a WHOLE LOTTA teenagers in that sucker.

    The first car i bought was Rhonda the Honda. My new(used) Honda is Bonnie Blue (for her colour). i still kinda miss Rhonda.

  5. Hmm… I don't name them by color.

    The first one I owned was a dark blue-green (green-blue?) 90-somethin' Honda. Its name was Ebeneezer Cruise. (Ebeneezer = "God has brought [me] this far"; which was so true since I was skeeered to learn to drive and didn't do so till I was almost 25.)

    My current one is La Sentra – said with a fake Fronsche accent… 'cause my sister says it that way. It's a Nissan Sentra. Of course. ;o)

    Usually, though, the label is just my car.

  6. i don't name my cars, but i do choose the color based on the "mood" i'm in during that time of life.

    like when i moved to california, i purposefully sought out a red car because it felt empowering. and boy, did i need empowering then.

    then in '07, i was engaged and it was time for a new car. when given the choice, i went with white. because i was a bride that year.

    it seems really stupid when i explain it, but somehow it makes sense to me. 🙂

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