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The theme of this week seems to be: I have a confession.

Confession 1: I am on the verge of giving up breastfeeding.
Confession 2: I make my Christmas list all year round.
And coming tomorrow … I hate tomatoes.

But for now, Christmas.

I am pretty cheap. I’m no Money Saving Mom, but I’ve whittled down my grocery bill this year, buy almost all secondhand clothes at Goodwill and consignment sales, and try to keep the random purchases to a minimum. This is totally learned behavior, but I’m getting more skilled. And more patient! (And can I say, I TOTALLY love my Vigoss jeans I bought for $7 at a thrift store in Chattanooga! Best fitting jeans I’ve ever found. They’re these…but not size 1!!)

And so, I shop by wish list. I’ve used both Amazon wish list and Kaboodle, but I prefer Amazon, especially now that they have universal wishlist–where you can add anything from anywhere on the Internet. There’s not much you can’t find listed on Amazon, but for clothes especially, the universal list is awesome.

It’s nice to be able to add year-round when I think of something I might actually really want or need, as opposed to sitting there on Thanksgiving Day, a pen forced into my hand, trying to rack my brain for something. I definitely don’t expect to get gifts only off a list, but I know I enjoy having a list for others and I hope they feel the same way for me. (And my mother-in-law refuses to shop except off a list.)

I go through periods, though, where I obsess over it. (Surprise, surprise. What can I NOT obsess over?) I’ve been on a bit of a wishlist kick lately–especially after seeing the adorable things at the Dayspring/(in)courage store. Current desires are Department 56 Christmas village items, Broadway soundtracks (always!), and cookbooks from my fellow bloggers!

Usually I have most of my own Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving. I haven’t even given it a thought until today, though. Guess it’s time to get the wheels turning.

Have you thought at all about Christmas? What’s one fun item you’d put on your wishlist (or is on it already)?

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9 thoughts on “Shopaholic Cheapskate

  1. Since the kids came along, Christmas has focused around them. My husband hasn't bought me a gift in years. I can name about 10 gifts he's gotten me over the past 23 years. Okay…I'm trying not to be bitter about that.

    But if I could put something on my list…it would be a laptop. And my daughter has forbidden me to get one. Not sure what is up her sleeve. She tried to get me a camera last year…but it didn't work.

  2. LOVE the new look!

    I've actually started to make a list throughout the year instead of racking my brain on Thanksgiving like usual. And, as you know :-), I'm not a "gift" person. The best gift my immediate family could give me is to stick to the budget, save our money and invest it. SOOOO boring, I know!!

  3. Yay for Christmas shopping! On my list is a new garment bag type small suitcase that will hopefully take me and my interviewing clothes to campus visits this spring! (I have one, but it is the devil and has the worst zipper–hard to close when it's empty, let alone after I load it up–and weighs about 30 pounds EMPTY, as well.)

    In the meantime, I find I need a nice bag and outfits (perhaps suits) for initial interviews. Why is looking for a job so expensive?

    I am amazed and impressed at your thriftiness, and hoping that reading more on here will help me come up with some strategies for Dan and I to stretch the money. (Sinus surgery: also expensive. Like everything I'm doing this year, apparently.)

  4. I LOVE using the Amazon wish list. I even have lists set up for Wog & Bug that I keep updated throughout the year so that distant relatives can keep up with what they're into!

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