Two Top Tens

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Top Ten Reasons I Can’t Seem to Stop Breastfeeding

10. It’s SO healthy! Such wonderful immune-system boosting nutrients. The perfect, God-created food.

9. The doctors told me so. AAP suggests 1 year minimum of breastfeeding; World Health Organization pushes for 2.

8. Libbie still wants to.

7. Because she pops off and grins at her daddy when she’s nursing.

6. The faces she makes when she’s falling asleep nursing.

5. How would I calm her when she is extremely upset?

4. The more formula I feed her, the emptier my pocketbook is.

3. Even when it hurts, I love the feeling of closeness and nourishing my girl.

2. This.

1. Because I’m a self-righteous hag who wants to make it to a year.

Top Ten Reasons I Want to Stop

10. Plugged ducts hurt.

9. Thrush hurts.

8. Bad latch REALLY hurts.

7. Biting hurts.

6. Constant on-and-off latching hurts and is annoying.

5. She gotten lots of healthy nutrients over the last 10 months.

4. Have I mentioned that the girls are gigantuan?

3. I fear mastitis. And biting.

2. It would be nice not to have to get up 20 minutes earlier so I can feed her before I leave.

1. Did I mention the hurting?


I’ve all but decided to quit unless someone can tell me how on earth you train a 10-month-old to latch correctly, when for at 9 months of her young life she latched fine. I don’t get it. Seriously, help?

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15 thoughts on “Two Top Tens

  1. Your reasons to wean are really compelling.

    I'd say, if you want to continue, definitely get thee to a LLL leader or a good lactation consultant pronto! Mastisis ain't to be messed with.

    If not, well, you did it for 10+ months and that's amazing! And you pumped for so long! That's doubly amazing! You did a great job!

  2. awww- I'm sorry you are having problems. But ten months is great! You should be proud of that. And in the long-run, whether you breastfeed for 10 versus 12 months really doesn't make a difference.


  3. How often is she eating?

    You know I finally got rid of that middle of the night feeding. And just the last 2 days, I've dropped a middle of the day feeding. So, we're just down to 3.

    He's eating so much real food, that he just wasn't that interested in nursing. Cutting down to 3 makes him pay attention to those 3 feedings.

    Maybe that would help the disinterest?

    Now about the latch? I have NO idea. Why in the world would her latch change?!

    Keep us updated!

  4. I remember having nursing problems with Ladybug around that age. I think as they get their teeth in, they need to readjust their latch. The top teeth only should be touching your breast. If you feel the bottom teeth, then her tongue is not in the proper position. I had to make sure that Ladybug's head was tipped back more so that her top teeth didn't dig into my flesh. Just adjusting her position sometimes really made a difference. And if we needed to re-latch for that to happen, I did that.

    We made it through that rough spot and Ladybug still nurses twice a day – she's 27 months old. i couldn't imagine not having that special time for just the two of us to start and end each day.

    I hope you can work through the problems. Best of luck!

  5. So sorry for a bad latch. That's what happened with my #2 and I switched to pumping after my 2nd bought of mastitis took me to the hospital. And then the pumping, pumping, pumping finally did me in. And that was at 6 months.
    So you are way ahead of the game, friend. And are doing a great job! The precius girl is loved and nurtured physically, emotionally and spiritually- however you feed her. I will support whatever you want to do 100%. And that is my on the fence answer combined with horrible example {sorry about that}.

  6. Every time my babies have gotten a new tooth, it changes their latch briefly (and always painfully) but it seems to adjust back fairly quickly for me.

    With all that is going on in your life, although it might seem like weaning will make things easier, that isn't necessarily so. All the changes coming to your family might be easier to work through if you are still nursing. When we moved to Alaska and drove there, when I only had one baby, he would have been even more of a basketcase if we still hadn't had that routine to fall back on.

    Whether you decided to actively keep it up or wean, remember that weaning is best made a process. It doesn't have to be "child-led" but it still is good to make it a slow process. I don't know how often you are nursing, but don't try to wean too quickly. Take your time and it will be a lot less painful for both of you — physically (for you) and emotionally (for you and Libbie).

  7. My daughter is almost a year old. I'm still nursing twice a day (morning and evening) but I stopped pumping at work a few weeks ago and boy, has that made all the difference. Less stress at work, less stress with how little I was getting pumping, and overall much happier me. I was so determined to make it a full year with exclusively breastfeeding but I'm not even sweating it now and I didn't mind buying a few cans of formula for her to have at daycare (and she's not drinking that much more there anyway!)

  8. 10 months is about as far as I made it. It was a tough decision, but I had issues with plugged ducts and low milk supply. I didn't have enough time in the day to pump enought to keep up with her needs.

    I just got to a point where I resented the pain and the pumping. It just wasn't a healthy or positive experience for either of us!

    You are an amazing mama, no matter what you decide to do. You can still have that wonderful time with your darling baby without nursing.

  9. Ellerphant–I think that is a lot of it for me. I resent having to nurse her because it hurts so much. I don't want that to hurt our relationship. I am honestly more concerned with her getting the breastmilk nutrients than actually nursing her–although it is certainly convenient.

  10. I can't help with any of the nursing stuff– failed miserably at nursing Wog, so I couldn't even bring myself to try w/ Bug.


    You're WAY ahead of me! How's that for encouragement! 🙂

  11. I totally understand we struggled with breastfeeding at first and then we got the hang of it and it was great-I decided to wean at 3.5 months and then had major feelings of guilt and regret, but I stuck it out and now that we are 3 weeks into formula, it is not too bad.

  12. When it stops being fun (or starts being too stressful) it's not good for either of you!

    I hope the second time you get your wish from today's post!

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