The 12 Days of Libbie: Day 4

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Dear Libbie,

So much happened in your fourth month! Looking back through the pictures, I can tell you were a very busy baby.


–had a week-long visit from Nana (AKA The Grand Spoiling)
–went to our triplet friends’ first birthday party
–went with Mommy to BlissDom
–started wearing cloth diapers
–enjoyed visits from Mommy’s work friends and supper club friends at our house

One thing I remember very vividly about that month, though, is that it’s when we gave our dog, Chester, away.

I hope you’ll understand this when you’re older and begging us for a pet: we loved you more than we loved that dog. A lot more! {What my parents told me a lot when recalling the story of how Buttons the Dog tried to rip my ear off.} And there IS a reason we might never want a dog again.

Libbie, that dog woke up more than you did. And while he was very, very sweet with you, he did not care for the lack of attention from your Mom and Dad.

Honestly, sometimes I still wish for a pooch to cuddle–you don’t enjoy cuddling much these days except before bed. But I think it was a wise decision for us. I’m guessing he is much happier with people who have a backyard and time to walk him and enjoy him.

So try to understand, honey, when you ask us about having a dog and we say NO. It’s not because we don’t love you. I promise. It’s because we had one too many nights of getting up not only two or three times with you, but also four or five times with the dog; too many mornings of waking up to pee and poop on our nice kitchen floor; too much worrying about you stuffing dog hair in your mouth.

How about a nice goldfish?




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5 thoughts on “The 12 Days of Libbie: Day 4

  1. awww you had to give your dog away? That breaks my heart. I hope in the future my little Tinkerbell loves my future child…she is my baby and I can't imagine her not here 🙁

  2. I was so glad to meet Libbie this month! She was precious then and is now, too, of course!
    And we would LOVE to give at least one of our dogs away… I'm still working on it!

  3. @Jen–Chester was wonderful with Libbie, he loved her. It was the lack of attention he didn't love and we just couldn't deal when he was getting up more times a night than Libbie and howling relentlessly. Many people make it work!

  4. Annalyn is sitting on the couch with me, saying, "Baby! Baby. Baby sleepin'. Puppy. Puppy sleepin. Baby!" I think she likes Libbie. 🙂

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