The 12 Days of Libbie: Day 6

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Sometimes I feel like I barely recognize this little not-even-six-month version of my daughter.

I went in and peeked at her in her crib this morning. She looked so grow up in her two-piece pajamas, laying on her back, blanket thrown halfway over her stomach. Her pacifier had been long-forgotten in the night.

At six months, she was just starting to eat solids. Starting to sleep longer stretches again. Learning to love singing and playing with toys. Starting to sit up on her own.

It’s amazing how fast the time flies, how quickly she advances in skills, how blurry everything in the last six months seems as we’ve encountered change after change after change.

That little baby who was trying to sit up is now attempting to walk, has an attitude the size of California, and will happily eat a whole grilled cheese sandwich.

It’s wild, and I know it will only continue in this blurry fashion. I hold her tight, trying not to let the time go too quickly.



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One thought on “The 12 Days of Libbie: Day 6

  1. Isn't it amazing how from month to month, they are completely different? And yet, somehow, still the same. God's creation blows me away.

    I have a picture almost identical to the top one – same type of hat, same funny face, different kiddo. 🙂

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