The 12 Days of Libbie: Day 7

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In her seventh month, we took Libbie to her first wedding. Well, other than the one where she was inside my belly, a tiny thing of unknown sex that mostly equated lots of restroom breaks on our way to West Virginia last Spring.

She sat on laps in the back pew during the lovely, child-filled service uniting Mr. V’s cousin to his bride. We had to leave just once, to nurse, during that time. We hid on the back stairs of the church and she happily sucked down her meal and returned joyfully to Grandma’s arms for the remainder of the wedding.

During the reception, Libbie ate applesauce, bounced to the music, and fell asleep on my chest, exhausted by the festivities. It was a lovely wedding and a brand-new experience for both of us.

While things may be more complicated, everything is still better with a smiling baby involved.



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