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I know I have my own carnival going on, but I’ve been waiting MONTHS to share some frugal style with you via Jen‘s “fashion show”!


This was my go-to summer outfit that I wore everywhere. I just LOVED the skirt. Although it was one size too big, wearing a longer top you couldn’t tell at all. The skirt was $2 at Goodwill on half-price day! My Ralph Lauren tank top was also $2 the same day. My cardigan was on clearance at Lane Bryant and I picked it up for $5 brand-new! And although my shoes were not as inexpensive, I wore them and one other pair throughout my entire pregnancy and am still getting good wear out of them. That makes them a deal in my book! (And they were from Payless in the first place…)

(sorry the picture is so blurry)


When we were visiting the new house in Chattanooga for the first time, I eyed a small consignment store that looked promising. Not only did I find my $7 Vigoss jeans there, I got this lovely suede jacket for $5. (As well as some great gray work pants.)


Probably 75% of Libbie’s clothes come from either thrift stores, consignment sales, or are hand-me-downs. This pink Liz Claiborne dress came with matching bloomers and was 75 cents at a small local thrift store. More frugalista baby fashion here.

Right now pretty much all of my clothes are from thrift stores, as I’m still carrying baby weight and my body is just different than it was pre-pregnancy. If you look hard enough, you can find some GREAT pieces. My #1 tip is search out thrift stores in upscale areas. Our local Franklin Goodwill is a goldmine, even for plus-sized girls like me!

Visiting Balancing Beauty and Bedlam for great frugal tips on all aspects of life!

9 thoughts on “Frugal Fashionista Style

  1. That red outfit is gorgeous! I love the prices and the color is great on you too.
    The suede jacket is wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing your great finds!

  2. Yea – it's so fun to see this. I LOVE that skirt. Isn't it the best when you find one that is so cute and SO comfy. 🙂
    And you're right on the shoes…it you find a pair that you wear all the time, it's a great investment!

  3. Not be to redundant, but I too love the red and white skirt! And with three kiddos in under 5 years, I don't know what size I am either so thrifting is a great way to not spend much on clothing!

  4. Hi Jessie!!! I'm finally actually putting my feed reader to use and keeping track of blogs. I love love LOVE the "Days of Libbie" posts. She is absolutely adorable (I'm sure you guys get that all the time, but it doesn't make it any less true :), and she's grown up so fast.

    Will definitely be reading more regularly. Hope you & Mr. V are doing well 🙂

  5. Love your red outfit!!

    I am in the "losing baby weight" stage too and LOVE shopping yard sales/thrift stores for outfits that fit as I am waiting to get back to my "normal" size!!

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