Good weekend, bad weekend

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Good: Had four house showings from Thursday to Saturday. Got an offer.

Bad: Offer is ridiculously low. Countering, but not hopeful.

Good: Nice trip down to Chattanooga on Saturday. Libbie behaved.

Bad: Mr. V could have come home if he’d known that no students had signed up for the trip he was chaperoning.

Good: I put on make-up and jewelry this morning.

Bad: I also dropped my deodorant in the toilet and almost fell down the stairs.

Good: When I started this post, the baby was asleep.

Bad: Now she’s crying.

2 thoughts on “Good weekend, bad weekend

  1. Is it bad if all I want to ask is if the toilet was flushed when you dropped your deodorant?

    I hope your Monday is full of GOOD.

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