Libbie’s Birthday Bash

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Since I couldn’t convince Amanda to plan Libbie’s party for me–although she did offer some great suggestions–I had to do it myself. (Truly, you’d want her to do yours, too! Check out the Snowflake Party, Snow White Party, and Asa’s “Ace” Party!)

Because Libbie’s birthday is October 27, I decided an “Our Little Pumpkin” theme would be cute and simple. I am sorry, but I was not about to hire a unicorn and have a bouncy house for a first birthday. A) I don’t have that kind of budget and B) We’ll save that for when she can remember it!

I started off with these cute invitations from Carrie’s Kiddie Closet (which may have cost more than the rest of the party… but they were adorable!).

The only other thing I was stuck on was I wanted to carve a “1” into a pumpkin and have it on the front porch. And I did–well, my dad did! It was adorable. And I didn’t take a picture of it! Argh. I got the idea from the comments on this post.

My mind usually goes to food first when planning anything. I knew there should be cake, of course. And pumpkin cookies, the “Vanderbilt” family recipe. For other foods, I decided on caramel apples and a veggie tray. I made the caramel apples from scratch with a recipe from Simply Recipes. They were NOT easy–especially considering I was really sick the night I was making them–but my mother-in-law declared the caramel a hundred times better than melting the store-bought caramels, so that made it worth it!

I also made the cake, which is a story in itself. I wanted to make Kate’s Ridiculously Good Chocolate Cake. And I did. But it wouldn’t come out of the pan it was so moist! I guess greasing with Pam was just not enough for that baby. It was SO good, but we had to eat it out of the pan, and that would not do for my baby’s first birthday!

But I had seen a picture of this pumpkin cake at Kraft Foods, so I decided to go that route instead. I just made a yellow cake from the Betty Crocker Big Red Cookbook, dyed it orange, frosted it orange, and then frosted an ice-cream cone green and stuck it in the middle. I just kept repeating to myself, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!”

For activities, I decided to have one table where guests could make a Libbie’s First Year scrapbook page. I had lots of fall papers, stickers, and such, and a stack of assorted pictures from the year. It was a hit among the ladies! I also had the mat of a frame where guests could write a blessing for Libbie. On the top, I wrote the verses from her dedication at church.

She definitely enjoyed the cake:

Libbie had fun, the guests had fun, and it didn’t drive me too insane, so I would count it as a success! Thanks, everyone, for coming!

Mommy, Daddy, Auntie Roo, and Libbie with her new Plan Toy xylophone from Aunt Sharon!

Thanks for reading this monster post! Hope it will help give some ideas for other pumpkin/first birthdays!

((Oh, and her adorable Little Pumpkin outfit is from Gymboree’s “Halloween Harvest” line in case you were wondering! Both pieces are on good sale right now, especially the pants.))

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9 thoughts on “Libbie’s Birthday Bash

  1. That cake is adorable!! (And I can think of worse things than a chocolate cake you HAD to eat out of the pan!)

    I'm mucho impressed with your apples, by the way. I gave up on my chocolate dipped frozen bananas the night before Annalyn's party. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a fabulous bash! I love the idea of the scrapbook page table – wish I had thought of that for my daughter's first birthday party since I had a lot of scrappers there! Libbie looks so cute in her Gymboree outfit too (I have a major Gymboree addiction – only sale stuff of course though!)

  3. I really like your idea of having the guests do the scrapbook and writing the dedication verse at the top. My son's first birthday is already passed, but what a great idea for his second birthday! Oh, and your table with the pumpkin and the pumpkin cakes looks just beautiful!

  4. Jessie it sounds great!!! (can you tell I'm catching up on your blog in one night!!) I absolutely LOVE the signature frame – what a great idea!!! Wish I had thought of that!! Happy Birthday to your little Libbie!!

  5. I swear to you I already read this post. I can't believe I didn't comment. IT WAS AN ADORABLE PARTY for an ADORABLE girl! I love the mat idea!

    Happy Birthday, Libbie!

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