The Saga of the Costume

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Months ago, as soon as it hit the Internet, I fell in love with this bumblebee costume from Gymboree. (Just so you know, as much as I LOVE Gymboree, I am definitely not paid for any of those links. In case you were wondering.)

The problem? It was in the neighborhood of $35.

I usually spend about $5 for pieces of clothing for myself–if that–and $1-$3 for pieces of Libbie. I just didn’t feel like I could justify spending over $30 for a Halloween costume Libbie would probably wear once or twice, be angry about wearing, and she would not even go trick-or-treating in. I honestly probably talked about it to five people because I am that insane. I was trying to find some way to justify it to myself, because darn it, I wanted her to have an outfit that I picked out for her first real Halloween.

[Last Halloween she was 4 days old, and I hadn’t bought a costume because I wasn’t sure I’d have a baby by then!]

I think I pretty much had it in my head that I was going to buy that costume one way or another. We can justify a lot in our heads.

And then we had that whole budget talk thing and realized that with a mortgage and a rent, we don’t have a lot of expendable income. Dreams of a baby bumblebee fell to the wayside. In exchange for, oh, heat. And food. Things I think Libbie probably appreciates.

Then my sweet friend Steph brought me a pile of hand-me-downs from her daughter, Ella. And in that pile was a precious Minnie Mouse dress. It was perfectly sized for Libbie.

And although she was grumpy, tired, and had just had four shots that afternoon, she rocked it at our church’s Fall Fest on Thursday night.

Maybe we’ll try dressing up again tonight. Maybe we’ll just enjoy the evening and chill instead.

I’m giving up on a perfect Halloween. Are you?

7 thoughts on “The Saga of the Costume

  1. Thanks for linking up! I'm sorry you didn't get to buy the costume you had your eye on, but Libbie is a super cute Minnie Mouse! Why do kid costumes have to cost so much anyway? It's not like they wear them enough to get our money's worth!!

  2. One year I made an astronaut suit from scratch — shiny silver fabric and all. Thank goodness two kids wore that costume. I thought I was done with all that, but no! Two weeks ago I spent the whole weekend making not one but two GEM costumes. And for who, you might ask (since I'm old)? For my 24-year-old daughter and her friend, and the time I spent with them as we sewed and talked was invaluable and special.

  3. LOVE the Minnie … a cute little one like that will make any costume!! But, you should see if you can order her size of the Bumblebee online at a super discount for next year!!!

  4. Oh, I can totally relate. Last year of course was DD's first Christmas. I coveted this gorgeous, red satin Christmas dress. It was beautiful and exactly what I imagined her wearing for her first Christmas. It was also $40. I looked at it for several weeks, and when the store started running low I bought one. But we were in a major budget crisis, and I could never feel comfortable about that $40 splurge even as I admired it hanging in the closet, in all its red holiday glory. A week before Christmas, I found a dress on clearance at the mall for $7. It was ok, but nothing special – just a plain knit red dress with a little red bow. And in the end, I took back the pricey beautiful dress and bought the budget-friendly clearance dress. It almost broke my heart, but at the same time it was like a weight was lifted as soon as I got the return credit. And she still looked beautiful on Christmas Day…maybe not like I had always pictured it, but beautiful just the same. Just like your Minnie did. 🙂

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