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My friend Meredith is coming over tonight to help stage our house. We have, of course, moved out tons of furniture to Chattanooga trying desperately to make it look bigger. But I will be the first to admit I have very little decorating sense. If I could pay The Nester to come fix my house, I totally would. But unfortunately that would involve money, since I take it she couldn’t just work with the two Pier One baskets I have.

Y’all want to chime in with your two cents? I really want to paint our rocker kelly green to cheer up the front. What do you think? (I have a quart of kelly green paint from some company who gave it away online.)

[Not comfortable putting a picture of front of house here. But we have a double Adirondack glider sort of like this in a cherry-ish wood. Front of house is brick with dark green shutters.]

I know the computer in the living room is taking up space, but y’all, I cannot live alone without my computer! How would I blog? How would I Tweet? I might have to clean or watch TV or something? And I don’t have a laptop (since the crappy Gateway we had died 2 weeks after its 1-year warranty was up.)

I love the kitchen! Does it need something else?

Our bedroom is the worst room in the house. I hope Meredith is coming armed with color. I had a duvet cover that matched the pillow shams, but I hate how duvets slip and slide inside the cover. This room needs help, but too late now for us. Maybe in the next place…

I doubt we’ll do much in Libbie’s room. It’s a nursery! We honestly moved out a TON of stuff from here: glider, dresser, bookshelf …

So, darling friends who have taste, what would you do?

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  1. If you have an outlet in your island, maybe a lamp? I heard a decorator say that a table lamp makes a kitchen look homey. I think it all looks very buyable.

  2. I have zero decorating skills, but I've been watching way too much HGTV and trying to learn a little, so here is my attempt at decorating/staging advice:

    Go for the kelly green on the rocker.

    Add a big bowl of limes to the island in the kitchen.

    Living Room: Remove the rocker. Replace the pic above the couch with something bigger.

    Bedroom: If your friend doesn't come with color, buy a cheap throw blanket and lay it across the end of the bed and put a couple of decorative pillows on it. I would prob just get rid of one of the night stands since they don't match. It might open up the space a bit.

    Good luck with the sale!

  3. I watch way too much HGTV so take this with a grain of salt

    Living Room – Above your couch – add more pieces of art or one big piece. Remove the rocker. Clear out under the coffee table so there's just one or two books.

    Kitchen – Remove the drapery. Get a big bowl of fruit to display for the island.

    Bedroom – either some paint or get a new comforter or duvet sheet with some color. It's just temporary but it would spice up the space just a bit!

    Nursery – Adorable, just remember to open the blinds when taking pictures. You wnat as much light as possible in the room.

    Good luck on your sale!

  4. Thanks for the tips! @2tberrys, in my defense, I was at work when our agent came and took the pictures. I was perplexed as to why he didn't open the blinds in the nursery, too. Maybe it was just a bad time of day for glare. I will take some new pics after Meredith's work!

    I was thinking about removing the glider–y'all have affirmed my feelings on that!

  5. I agree with the previous comment about the one picture over the sofa. It's too small. You could put up a couple more pictures that size to balance it. However, I think you'd be better off with one larger painting. You can pick up a cheap one at TJ Maxx or do something creative w/ a plain canvas. (For example – with the leftover kelly green from the rocker and some black paint. Think whispy squares to match the rug.)

    I'd also suggest taking the computer out of the living room. It's confusing. Is it a living room? Or is it an office? Is there not enough room for the office?

    The fixture in the LR also looks a bit dated. However, I might be totally off b/c I can't see it. The lamp is also too small. You can always set it on some old hardbacks to raise it so you don't have to buy another lamp. However, an extra lamp might help give it a warm feeling.

    The bedroom could also use something on the wall. The night stands look off balance since one has a lamp and one doesn't. Also, you could scoot the bed over to the right to give a little more space to the cramped bedside table on the left. Big fluffy pillows make a bed look luxurious. Don't worry about replacing the duvet. White is a spa color.

    Your kitchen is beautiful! Just hide the trashcan and get EVERYTHING off the counters. It's amazing how something as funtional as a woodblock makes a place look a little cluttered.

    Clearly I've been watching Design to Sell while my daughter naps on my lap during the day. It's the only place she'll nap!

  6. I LOVE the area rug in your living room. Was that there when I was. The living room looks great in my opinion. . .

  7. If you're going to re-take the nursery pictures, I would temporarily remove the humidifier/table, baskets under the bed, and maybe the basket and stuff on the top shelf of the bookshelf. It would open up the room a lot more. And maybe move the wall hangings so that they are closer, and more of a cluster above the crib?

    For the master bedroom – you can always buy (or borrow!) a cheap set of sheets and a pair of cheap but poofy pillows in a warm, modern accent color or patten. Fold the new flat sheet several times and place it over the foot of the bed, then put the pillowcases over the new pillows and stack up with your current shams. It will add a punch of color and make the bed more "spa-like" lol. And I agree that if you can, move out the extra nightstand and then maybe move the bed over to make a little more space.

    It looks good, though – hope you get a good offer soon!

  8. I think your house looks great!

    One thing that might help is a small plant/fresh flowers here and there. Especially in the kitchen.

    And maybe you can see if your realtor can have a heart-to-heart with some of the agents who have shown the house. Maybe they can offer some feedback as to why you haven't received a reasonable offer yet.

  9. Is it pitiful that I had to run home and see if others agreed with our changes?

    Good suggestions here!

    Jessie's townhome is so light and airy, with a great kitchen. I hope someone with sense realizes it's better than the maroon-and-black model units!

  10. I think it looks good! I think you just need a bright piece of art, you can even buy a canvas and let your little one do handprints in multiple colors. My favorite decorating tip is PAINT! Our living room has light blue sandpaper walls and a chocolate brown ceiling. We have the vault ceiling in our bedroom painted as well as one of the other bedrooms bathrooms. We love it.

    And great plants really add a nice touch too.

    Good luck in your new place! How exciting.

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