Top Ten Things I Learned About Staging a House Last Night

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10. The more floorspace seen, the better. Angling the couch here lets more of our pretty hardwood floor show. End table and tall lamp behind the couch act as a faux sofa table.

Condo living room

9. The house should look like you don’t really live there. No pictures of family. No hygiene products out where you can see them.

8. Clearing the counters of as much as possible really does make a difference.

Condo kitchen

7. Take everything off the refrigerator (even precious picture of our Compassion child).

6. Try to make colors mesh in consecutive rooms. The blue in the placemats on our dining room table and on the window valance help the kitchen and living room mesh.

Condo dining room

5. Even if I never use it, a chair out here gives the appearance that one could lay out, get some sun, and read a good book. Meredith even suggested placing a book out there if I knew someone was coming.

Condo patio

4. Some fluffy, colored throw pillows make a world of difference in this room. We also added a lamp on the other table to balance the room some.

Condo bedroom

3. Cooking smells can turn someone off, but a little baked good on the kitchen island feels homey.

2. Grouping like items helps the house to not feel so cluttered (appliances, electronics, etc).

1. It WILL BE WORTH IT to not really use much of the house if it sells.

I cannot thank Meredith enough for graciously offering to help me and bringing over tons of stuff to decorate with. She’s a saint. REALLY. I could never repay her for what she’s done for me.

If you’re visiting from a carnival, before pictures are here.

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14 thoughts on “Top Ten Things I Learned About Staging a House Last Night

  1. I love watching the staging shows on HGTV! It's amazing how simple it is to make your house look ready to sell! I also get amazed when I look at house listings and look at the pictures they show…I mean come on! Can't you at least clean your kitchen?? Your house looks great!

  2. I looked at your before pics…wow! It lookedgood before, but you can really see the difference! Good luck getting it sold!

  3. This really wasn't staging in the HGTV sense of the term, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that a few simple changes will help show the house better. If only we had had more energy, time, or money!

  4. Sometimes I secretly want to move just so I can STAGE my house!! I know that's crazy, but I love staging … it feels hotel like! That said, I hope you can sell soon so you can LIVE again … it's sad to not have pics up:(

  5. One thing I can see that you could to to help sell that will not cost you much money at all is to bleach and clean the patio floor. It looks like it is green with mildew. I am not being mean, I live in Texas and I have it too from time to time on our patio. I use an old broom, some bleach, and some laundry soap and scrub. Then I rise well. It works well.
    Your home is very nice. I love the bed room. The dresser at the foot of the bed is a wonderful idea.
    You are right too. I think Meridith gave you some wonderul ideas and pointers. She has good taste. Roxie Meiske

  6. I agree even as my inner old lady hates the impact HGTV et al has had on our lives.

    People have no "vision" anymore. If you don't spoon feed them a model home they are apparently incapable of seeing what could be?

    "Oh I hate the paint color." Then paint it fool! (Sorry, I watch the imbeciles on House Hunters who apparently think paint is permanent and that they are buying the chotchkes and it makes me snappish).

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