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Today Amanda listed her Top 10 most visited posts of all time. Well, I don’t have data going back to all time, but mine does go back to March or so. Most of my most-visited posts, however, are recipes (and most of those because they are linked to Once a Month Mom). Mom’s Enchiladas, Scalloped Corn, and Sloppy BBQ Chicken Pizza are the top contenders for most-visited recipes on this site.

So, instead of my real top 10 posts, I’m going with Top Ten Most-Visited Posts That Are Not Recipes. So there!

1. We Came, We Cooked, We Conquered

This really is my #1 post–undoubtedly because Meredith linked to it from Like Merchant Ships. It was a fun adventure!

2. A Little Bit About Me

Because I know everyone wants to see my scary snake picture! I really need to update my About Me page, but so much is transient right now I’ve kind of been waiting.

3. I Think This Officially Makes Me a Mommy Blogger

Without a doubt, MY favorite post ever. And perhaps my most honest.

4. Top Ten Tuesday: Baby Paraphernalia

This was for the very first Top Ten Tuesday! I had a four-month-old, which of course made me an expert on baby stuff. 🙂

5. Menu Plan Monday (The Last One?)

I honestly have no idea why this is a top post. I must have been at the top of the linky list at Org Junkie or something!!

6. The Case of the $8 Veggie Tray

Another Menu Plan Monday post; a case study on how I went over my grocery budget. Probably a top post because I get a lot of Google searches for “veggie tray.”

7. Top Ten Birthday Gifts I Probably Won’t Be Getting

Another Top Ten post! And much to my surprise, I did get quite a few of them due to the fact that my sister-in-law reads my blog and sent the list to my in-laws!

8. Dear Male Readers–Especially My Dad–And People I Work With, Please Don’t Read This.

(Yeah. That’s a little ironic, dontcha think?) Stephanie made me do it, is all I have to say about this.

9. Transitioning to Big-Girl Foods

A desperate plea for advice. Advice I still probably need, as I have a child who will happily subsist on fruit and bread.

10. Once-a-Month-Cooking Recipes: a Review

Pretty much exactly what it says it is!

So, there you go. Just in case you ever wondered. I still recommend more highly the posts in my “Popular Posts” section of the sidebar.

What’s the most-visited post on your blog?

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5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Posts

  1. I am a terrible friend, who doesn't try to figure out McLinky! But I do really love your blog and I check it many times every day. Can you tell me if I set up my blog right so that I get email notifications? I'm a nerd, I'm sorry.

  2. Thanks for the reading material. I have bookmarked the Once a Month Mom sight and I occasionally get a whim to actually do it. That whim has not yet come to fruition! Maybe one day…

  3. I've really enjoyed looking through your old posts! Except #2. I won't even click on it due to the horrible picture attached to it! Sorry. Can't do it. But, I'm so glad that's not your twitter picture anymore. Now I look forward to your tweets instead of running from them. lol!

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