A Working Parent Tip

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These days, we’re REALLY trying to save money due to the abysmal selling-our-house situation. So I try to take my lunch to work most every day.

In the mornings, however, I’m not only trying to get myself ready for work, but also getting my baby girl up, changed, dressed, fed, and packing her diaper bag for the day. She eats a LOT of little things so it takes me time to prepare all of those each day. In addition, she wears cloth diapers so if they aren’t already folded and stuffed, it’s another task I add to the morning routine.

(This single parenting during the week stinks! Not only do I have to get all our stuff ready, I have to make sure she’s not trying to swim in the toilet or falling down the stairs.)

If there is not something I can easily grab for breakfast or lunch, I often give up and end up eating out for lunch at work.

So my number one solution to this has been to divide up leftovers in individual portions right after dinner. That way, I can easily grab a tupperware container on my way out the door in the morning and have a delicious lunch.

I keep them stacked at eye level in the refrigerator so I can see my selections and make a quick choice.

This tip helps me save money, eat healthier, and it works for me!

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8 thoughts on “A Working Parent Tip

  1. Great tip! I started doing this (instead of putting it in one big container) a few weeks ago and it has helped me get out the door easier in the morning.

  2. I do this too and it helps a ton! I even bought some divided containers so I can do a meat, veggie, etc. so I really do have my own little meal. I also pack my kids' lunches in divided containers too that can be made the night before and pulled from the fridge the next day … you may not be quite there yet with whatever your little one is eating.

  3. I should do that for my husband.

    Say – saw your comment over at BooMama, and I have GOT to know — what is a dirty chai? I love me some chai, and I'm intrigued!

  4. What a great tip! We usually put the leftovers in the fridge each night. But I never thought to divide them into individual size portions. Would definitely save time in the mornings when I'm getting my lunch together.

  5. So smart. I know the stress of being a part-time single mom (my hubby travels for work). When I was working, I would get up at 4:45 while I was nursing/pumping to have enough time to get myself ready, things for the day packed, and the kiddo fed and dressed. Ugh, it was not fun

    Oh, I love Dirty Chai's. They are even better with some chocolate!

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