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I want to write. I really do.

But today has been a messy mess, I need to work, and I of course need to make sure I watch The Big Bang Theory. (Because they don’t put it online. The nerve!)

I put my resignation in at work today (for Dec. 31) and it’s kind of freaked me out royally. Because if on December 31st I don’t have another job or we still own this house, I don’t know what we will do.

And in spite of that ordeal, I feel joyful. Joyful at having a sweet, sort-of-walking daughter. Joyful at fall leaves, good books, and leftover Chinese food.

I am not controlled by my circumstances. My joy is a fruit of the Spirit. Even though life may not be so hot in the day-to-day, the Big Picture is still awesome.

How’s that for a train-of-thought post?

8 thoughts on “Choo-Choo

  1. Hey, if you ever miss The Bing Bang Theory, check out This site usually will link you to a site that has the episode. Just make sure you have a good pop-up blocker because sometimes the pop-ups aren't so good :/
    I LOVE Big Bang Theory, but I have class Monday nights so I always have to catch up online.
    Praying that your house will sell!

  2. I'm so excited for you! I'm praying that everything will work out, your house will sell so you won't have to worry about finding a new job. Congrats on having the next couple of months planned out on a bright future.

  3. Love it as usual!

    Oh, Jessie, I can't even imagine what it feels like—well, actually, I kinda can. We had 2 houses for almost 2 years. But now we're on the other side. You WILL be on the other side!

    Praying for you guys.

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