Combating the Lazy

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There are two things that never fail to surprise me–and yet they shouldn’t.

One is that is never takes as long as I think it will to get my (itty bitty) house looking decent. About 25 minutes of sweeping, dishwashing, and counter-wiping later, it’s good enough for a dinner guest to see tomorrow night! (And in case we have a showing, of course.)

Second is that being productive and active in one area spurs me on to be productive in other areas–especially in my Bible reading and quiet time with God.

I always think I just want to sit at my desk, floating around the Internet, wasting precious hours of my life. Ten minutes of activity and I feel exhilarated, happier, and more motivated in other things.

Perhaps the next time I’m on Twitter complaining of this or that, someone could remind me about this post!

2 thoughts on “Combating the Lazy

  1. You know my husband and I JUST had a discussion about this! I told him that I think I'm a genuinely lazy person who obviously feels happier when I'm not. It's a constant struggle for me! It's my prayer to be better at this not only for me, but for my little one too!

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