Not Really So Wordless Wednesday

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In honor of my darling bloggy friend OhAmanda and the fact that she made the Disney Moms Panel (I am SO excited for her!), I thought I’d share some sort-of-retro Disney World pictures–if you consider 1998 retro! Ha!

I thought I had some older Disney pictures–we went when I was in elementary school and when I was 3 or 4–but apparently they haven’t been scanned. I’ll have to work on that!

Some notes on these pictures:

1. Look at my mom’s hair.
2. I have never worn shorts that short since high school, and for good reason, trust me.
3. I wore a fanny pack. At 16. Yes, I was SUPER cool.
4. I think that was the trip Ashley found out from a waiter that all the guys who played Aladdin were only into other Aladdins, not Jasmine.
5. HELLO! My thighs are not meant for short shorts!!!


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