Things I Love Thursday: Glee

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Mr. V and I have the tendency to get really addicted to TV shows. You need only read this post devoted to How I Met Your Mother to see it’s true. I think it’s probably because we are not huge TV people, and we only watch a show if we think it’s really good.

When I accidentally caught a half-hour of the series premiere of Glee back in the spring, the quick wit and singing caught me immediately. Later in the summer, my sister let me watch the whole episode on her (tiny) iPod, and I knew I’d be keeping an eye out for the show in the fall.

Although there are some things I don’t love about it–I feel like it’s a bit too sexual when it could be very family-friendly and some things are very unrealistic–the incredible music and hilarious one-liners have me completely hooked.

In case you are not completely obsessed and getting Glee updates on Facebook incredibly angry because the World Series has preempted the show for two weeks in a row a slightly obsessive fan, you should know the Glee soundtrack (volume 1) came out this week. It’s a very reasonable $8.99 on Amazon right now and full of great tunes.

I’ve played most all of them through on LaLa this week and while I’m not in love with their version of “Defying Gravity” (which has not been shown yet on TV), the insanely catchy “Don’t Stop Believin'” is worth the 9 bucks itself! I also LOVE “No Air” and “Take a Bow.” The woman who plays Rachel is an incredible Broadway actress and her phenomenal voice really makes this show and the CD.

So, you know, if anyone wanted to get it for me for Christmas, I wouldn’t complain. 🙂

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P.S. One of my best bloggy friends Mary, from Giving Up on Perfect, does a recap of Glee each week at Blissfully Domestic. They are funny and great! You can see me comment over there most weeks, ’cause you know I’ve always got something to say about it!

*I was not compensated for this review in any way, no one asked me to do it, I just love the show and the music. If you use one of my links to buy something off Amazon, I do get a minuscule percentage and will be your friend forever.*

10 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday: Glee

  1. I love me some Glee. I have the soundtrack, pre-ordered it from itunes after the first episode. It is a bit over the top, but I think that is one reason I like it so much.


  2. I was stupidly excited just seeing Glee in Mr. Linky and knowing someone else loves it. I have missed it sooo much during the world series. Even my VERY skeptical hubby has gotten into the show. Oh how I LOVE Glee!!!

  3. I am a big Glee fan as well! It's got some flaws, but I LOVE the music. Thanks for the heads-up on the soundtrack, I just added it to my Christmas wish list. 🙂 I will also be checking out those recaps. Thanks!

  4. I'm hooked too (secretly my husband is also;). I think the over the top music and dramatics make it very entertaining. Imagine my disappointment when the stinkin' Yankees interferred with my regular scheduled programming for the last two weeks:)

  5. I too really dislike a lot of the show's weaknesses, but I love the musical productions. After reading your blog post, Jessie, I went out and bought the soundtrack. I've been playing it over and over ever since. (And belting in my car or in my office when no one else is around.)

    WV: ungst — the angst of an unpopular teen who has just been slushied with grape flavoring

  6. You know, I just can't do GLEE. BUT I love me some HIMYM. Did you see Neil Patrick Harris is on twitter now? @actuallyNPH *happy sigh*

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