When NOT to Go to Kroger

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Warning: Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go to Kroger on Senior Discount Day (Wednesday) during triple coupons and the Mega Event!!

It had been a very long time since I went to the Kroger store in Bellemeade, a pretty upscale area of Nashville. I think maybe they had just built it when we lived closer to the area and I went there once or twice. It was a shock to my system when I went in this Wednesday on my lunch break and saw a cello player in the produce section.

I am SO not kidding.

It was one of the nicest grocery stores I’ve ever been in and a far cry from our Nipper’s Corner Kroger near where I live. My Kroger is just your basic grocery store, where you’re lucky if the cashier says hi. There are definitely not announcements about how if you are a senior and have a pineapple, you can get a free gift on aisle 13. (SERIOUSLY! OK, maybe they do this at my Kroger and I’m just not ever there in the middle of the day on a Wednesday.)

Anyway, this post is really about the incredible deals I got at Kroger using triple coupons and the Mega Event. If you’re in Nashville, the Bellemeade Kroger is doing triple coupons until Tuesday and I think the Mega Event ends this Sunday (11/8). Usually the Nipper’s Corner Kroger does triple coupons as well since it competes with Harris Teeter, but I haven’t been by to verify that.

Here is what I got on Wednesday for $4.46–and that is WITH $1.07 tax! (All coupons .99 and under were tripled.)

*Three (130-count) boxes of Kleenex tissues [$1.49 ea, used .50/3 coupon = $2.97]
*Two Lean Cuisine pizzas [$1.99 ea, used $2/2 catalina coupon = $1.98]
*One Bird’s Eye Lightly Sauced frozen vegetable [$1.99, used .50/1 coupon = $.49]
Two StarKist tuna pouches [1.35 ea., used two .50/1 coupons = FREE–no overage, they adjust the amount down with triples]
*1 package Pillsbury Simply Refrigerated PB cookies [$2.49, used .55/1 coupon = $.84]
1 box MultiGrain Cheerios [$3.17, used $.75/1 coupon = $.92]
*2 boxes Betty Crocker special potatoes [$1.49/ea, used 2 .40/1 coupons = $.58]
*2 cans Carnation Lowfat Evaporated Milk [$1.49/ea, used 2 free vouchers from Carnation Challenge, but there is a coupon for .50/2 available = FREE or $1.48 if you were to use coupon]
3 cans Hunt’s tomatoes (2 fire-roasted and 1 whole tomatoes) [$1/ea, used .75/3 coupon = $.75]

– $5.00 for Mega Event

* denotes items that went toward the Mega Event, where when you buy 10 items, you get $5 off your order. I acutally got 11.

Those numbers won’t work out exactly, because the $5 came off first and they adjusted coupons so items would not be more-than-free. But it does appear that before tax I only spent $3.39 on all of this food! Can you even believe it?

I will likely donate the potatoes, along with another 2 boxes I have from a previous Mega Event purchase, to a food pantry since I’m not big on the boxed potatoes. And I gave the cookie dough to a friend and made a little girl very happy. Since I don’t have a lot of excess income to gift with right now, being able to get these items for pennies and use them to bless others is a HUGE BLESSING for me!

Linking up to Super Savings Saturday so others can see these coupon match-ups and hopefully use them as well! I found great match-ups at Stretching a Buck and Mommy Snacks, which helped me plan precisely what I wanted to get. Just keep in mind prices may vary per area so I checked against my ad.

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  1. I have heard how bad it is on those days in general let alone the good buys they had this week. You scored some great deals!
    God bless,

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