Bloggy Progressive Dinner: Entrees to Entertain With

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Today the focus of the progressive dinner is entrees, which are being served up at Cooking During Stolen Moments, one of my very-favorite food blogs.

It seems like it’s been a long, long time since we had anyone over for dinner. I think the last time we planned something is when Mr. V came down with the flu bug and was running 103 temperature. We had to call it off at the last minute for their health!

I have to make an effort not to try too hard when we have people over for dinner. I get slightly obsessive about my food being perfect since I have a reputation as a good cook. Mr. V makes me calm down and choose dishes that won’t drive me insane to prepare.

Therefore, most of my go-to entertaining entrees are not that impressive, but they are usually crowd-pleasers that everyone enjoys. Here are some of my favorites.

Pioneer Woman’s The Best Lasagna Ever (served with salad and garlic bread)
BBQ Sloppy Chicken Pizza (maybe with a vegetable and salad)
Islander Pork Roast (with Rice and Peas and a Caribbean-themed salad)
Rosemary Balsamic Chicken (with Balsamic Tortellini and Spinach Salad) [Mr. V’s favorite thing ever]
Ziti with Italian Sausage (with garlic bread and what else, salad!)
Honey Parmesan Pork Roast
Bacon and Egg Pie
I rarely make salad except when entertaining. I don’t know why.

Do you have a go-to meal that you serve when entertaining?

Make sure you visit Kate for more progressive dinner entrees!

2 thoughts on “Bloggy Progressive Dinner: Entrees to Entertain With

  1. We have friends who joke that no matter what we fix when they come over, they know it will have lots of cheese! So I guess I have a go-to ingredient!! 🙂

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