Christmas 2001

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Mr. V and I started dating on November 5, 2001. In my dorm room my sophomore year of college. We were watching Toy Story 2. I do not kid, y’all.

We had known each other nearly a year and been friends since about March. But when that first Christmas came, I am pretty sure I panicked. The only things I knew that he liked for sure were cookies and watching movies.

Since I couldn’t think of anything else apparently, I went to Toys R Us. I got him a Buzz Lightyear dart gun (Nerf darts) and a Dinkie Robot.

A Dinkie Robot was a cross between a Tamigotchi and a Furby (if you don’t know what those are, you’re way too young and please don’t tell me ’cause I’ll feel old).

The robots could walk and talked in their own little Dinkie language. They got hungry and tired and needed you to feed them via button, etc. (I never had a Furby but I think it was similar.) Now I don’t know what noise the Furbies made when they were mad, but when the Dinkie robots awoke, they made the craziest, loudest screech you ever heard.

Mr. V woke one morning–well, by morning around 3 AM–to that lovely shrieking coming from the robot. I’m pretty sure that’s when she was delegated to under his bed with her batteries out.

He did use the Nerf gun.

Ah, young love.

Do you have the guts to share what you exchanged your first Christmas with your beloved?

8 thoughts on “Christmas 2001

  1. I remember my sweetie and I had been "going together" for about 6 weeks at Christmas 1975. I bought him a long forgot album (yes, album…I am old) and a red and white striped scarf that he still has. He bought me the first in a long line of jewelry. The trend at the time was a star necklace. Mine was an outline of a star with a small diamond chip in it. Oh my goodness he blew me away! I remember showing it to my friend Debby (yes, now your Aunt Debby) in our Business Law class and telling her, "He must really like me." Guess so….and the rest is history.

  2. We married 3 days after Christmas in 1974. I have no clue what I gave Ed, but he gave me a lovely necklace … a cross with a diamond in the middle. Our first Christmas as a married couple … still no idea what we gave each other. Not very romantic huh? But I was pregnant that Christmas, so everything focused on the first child and grandchild.

  3. We had been dating almost a year for our first Christmas and I cross stitched a poem that he liked. Sounds really silly now, but he seemed to like it. I can remember gifts he got me better than what I got him….mine must of not been very remember-able.

  4. I don't remember!! It WAS back in 1994, though. 🙂 I remember what Mark got for ME – an embroidered vest that had Christmas teddy bears on it. His mom picked it out. It was hideous, but I'm pretty sure I wore it anyway (and I know I still have it tucked away in my cedar chest). Yep, young love!

  5. I know that Trevor got me a beautiful necklace which I still have and I got him some clothes…well because you know how he used to dress right??

  6. 2004, I got my now-hubby a DVD-storage tower from Target. We still have it in our house and actually really want another like it, but can't find anything now that isn't $100 or just a dinky metal rack!

    He got me our cat, so that was great too. Thanks for making us job our memories! I remember the sweet simplicity of that year, gifts stacked in the corner of my apartment, no tree to put them under!

  7. For our first christmas when we were dating I got my now husband a book and dvd of famous broadcast bc he was considering going into broadcasting.
    He gave me some books and a little stuffed moose with a shirt that said "somebody at Tulane loves me." (He was a student there at the time and I started law school there the next year.) Its my most valued possession. I've slept with it every single night since then. He took the lsats and bar with me. He travels with me. His shirt no longer says anything and he's getting a bit thread-bare but I love him so much.

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