A Few of My Favorite Christmas Posts

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Putting Christ Back in Xmas … Except He Never Left from Scott Crews, an in-real-life friend

Saying Merry Christmas from Stuff Christians Like (along the same vein as above)

Almost 1,000 links so far at The Nester’s Tour of Homes. If you’re living vicariously through others when it comes to Christmas decorating, this is the place to go!

No More Robbing Peter to Pay Santa from Giving Up on Perfect–on keeping Christmas in the budget.

Christmas Gifts of Food–ideas from Laura at Heavenly Homemakers

Christmas Best and Worst List from Jason Boyett, one of my new favoritest blogs thanks to Gena. As often as not I cry from laughing so hard at his posts. (This post, while non-Christmas-themed, almost made me wet my pants yesterday.)

Giving Up at Christmas Change

Are You a Believer in “It’s the Thought That Counts?”
at InCourage (by dear Robin)

While I may not be writing much in December, I’m still reading. Leave me the best post you’ve written in the last month or so. I want to read it!

One thought on “A Few of My Favorite Christmas Posts

  1. Thanks so much for the link! And I LOVED the SCL post, so now I'm headed to read your friend Scott's post, too!

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