I’m Always Looking for an Excuse to Not Really Write

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Happy New Year’s Eve!

I’m probably at home throwing things in boxes like a crazy lady. So here’s a fun recap of what’s happened at Vanderbilt Wife in 2009. Jo-Lynne is having this carnival, where you post the first sentence of your first post of every month for the last year.

I’ve enjoyed keeping a list of the books I’ve read the last 2 1/2 years (since I joined PaperbackSwap).
A list of everything I read in 2008. The 2009 count is significantly lower, but high quality, and I will share it soon!

Here’s what we’ll be grubbing on this week!
A Menu Plan Monday post. A little boring, but a link to our delicious meatloaf recipe!

Monday: Crab Cakes, Roasted Broccoli, Brown Rice (didn’t get to last week)
I’m sorry. Another menu plan. Maybe this is not as interesting as I thought it would be! But it does have a really yummy recipe for Chicken Pasta Alfredo.

Publix’s ad this week claims it runs until 4/11, next Saturday.
Another great recipe–Rachael Ray’s Chili Sweet Potato Hash. Yes, it sounds totally bizarre, but try it!

Here’s the menu plan for this week.
Dude, apparently I NEVER write anything interesting at the beginning of the month! I’m sorry! On a fun note, the title of that post was “Triple Coupons, How I Love Thee.” Because I am not melodramatic AT ALL.

Do you think God still speaks?
A book review on Nine Ways God Always Speaks, and some musings along the way.

Is it Quick Takes Friday, or Write Your Random Thoughts in a List Day?
I complain/rave/spout about seven unrelated topics.

I don’t like to “post over” my Family Recipe Fridays posts, so this is one day late.
I extol the virtues of my dear husband of five years.

But pretty soon you’ll be seeing a brand-new look here on this very site.
Grand Reveal of my beautiful site design by DCR Design!

I’ve posted this recipe before, but since most of you probably haven’t found it out there in the VW archives, I thought it needed a second take here for Family Recipe Fridays.
Ohhh, one of my very favorite recipes EVER. (Honestly, if I make something more than three times a year, it counts as a favorite. I cook like that.) Plus 20 yummy recipe links from other bloggers!

Well, this is it. I’ve reached the breaking point.
Wow. So much has changed in two short months. I still feel the uncertainty, but some things have glided into place. (Some haven’t.) Appreciate the commenters just as much now as I did on November 1st!

I had to go to the grocery store today on my way home from work–for bananas.
What I promise will certainly not be my last mental-breakdown post. But having Mr. V at home for a few weeks has certainly cured my sanity some!

Leave me a link in the comments if you decide to do this carnival at your site–I’d love to see it. And if you’d actually like to read some GOOD stuff I’ve written, here are my Top Ten Posts Ever.

5 thoughts on “I’m Always Looking for an Excuse to Not Really Write

  1. I think you probably know that your readers DO go back and look at your links, but sometimes it's nice to hear a personal story. While we were preparing for Christmas dinner, your cousin said, "Didn't Jessie have a recipe for cheesy broccoli on her blog?" And, I send your grammar lesson to anyone who will read and use it! I've used several of the recipes your readers have posted as well. Does anyone have something wonderful for a hot cheesy appetizer for New Year's Eve?

  2. I just came across your blog today, and I must tell you, I'm enjoying it quite a ton! I'm glad I've found it, and I so look forward to reading it in 2010!

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