So, I Met the Pioneer Woman: Part I

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Also known as … the saga of one Tuesday night.

I’d known about the Pioneer Woman book signing at Davis-Kidd, a local bookstore, pretty much since it went on her Road Map. But for some reason, I just didn’t think I would go. I’m on my own with Libbie, it’s just too hard, I’m not a book signing kind of girl really. Even though I am a HUGE fan of hers, I am not like a stalking kind of person who would go ga-ga over having a cookbook with her signature in it.

And then the Tuesday of the signing came. About 3:30 in the afternoon, I started to panic about it. Would I regret not going? Was I insane? What if I missed her singing Ethel Merman? I sent a few panicky e-mails to Mary, my sweet bloggy friend, who had seen PW in Kansas City. We even exchanged our very first phone call where she assured me yes, it was worth it, and PW would not care if Libbie was whiny and insane.

So make a long and sad story slightly shorter, I got drenched picking up Libbie from her babysitter’s house as it was absolutely pouring sheets of rain. I was (stupidly) wearing suede shoes and just ruined them. By the time I managed to get Libbie, the stroller, a now-defunct umbrella, the diaper bag, my purse, and myself into the door of Davis-Kidd, I was soaked to the bone and knew if I were going to make it a few hours I needed some dry clothes.

First on the agenda was getting the cookbook and ticket for the signing. I was in group 13, whatever that meant. Then I hopped over to Macy’s and bought a sweater and pants and to Dillard’s for my very first pair of Crocs (because no matter how comfortable they were, I couldn’t shell out $130 for these divine Josef Siebel shoes). And to prove myself as Worst Mother of the Year, I fed Libbie an Auntie Anne pretzel and headed back to the bookstore.

Where there were now officially a gazillion people.

Picture courtesy of Karen at Our Crazy Blessed Life

To be continued …

4 thoughts on “So, I Met the Pioneer Woman: Part I

  1. Okay, so are we related? Because I am reading your post and am excited to see you bought a pair of crocs. Then I see your reference to Josef Seibel shoes and think – could it be? I own a pair of Josef Seibel's. Never heard of them before then. Guess what? Same exact shoes! (They were a Christmas gift last year and I am certain they were NOT that much). Anyhoo. Thought you should know that we are kindred shoe sisters!

  2. You can't be the Worst Mother of the Year for feeding Libby ONE mall pretzel. Our son eats Pretzel Bones from Smokey Bones ALL the time, so if pretzels are the measure of motherhood, I'm well ahead of you in the running for the Worst! I think that it's great that you and Libby had a little adventure. I was raised with just my mom (I know it's just a temporary situation for you) and we had all kinds of fun together in a non-traditional mom and daughter way. I can't wait to read part two! I hope that it was fun and worth the ruined shoes.

  3. Pretzel? That's a grain and much needed… 🙂
    And eeeeekkk how exciting!
    Mary got an autographed copy for my SIL as a surprise Christmas present and she about died!! She loved it!! I've got to get the book for myself, now!

  4. Oh, good, Hillary! I'm glad your sis-in-law loved the book!!

    And Jessie, I'm so glad you made it to the signing – if nothing else, it was an adventure, right? 🙂

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