The Card Sharks Conundrum*

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Why exactly is it that washed-up actors become game show hosts?

When Mario Lopez was A.C. Slater, do you really think it crossed his mind that some day he would succumb to a job as being the host of Pet Star?

Or that Howie Mandel was just jonesin’ to do fist bumps and say, “We’ll find out…after the break” on Deal or No Deal?

Reality shows only add to the mix. For instance, at this very second I am watching Clean House on Style with none other than Laura from Family Matters (Kellie Williams). Huh?? She’s only done a handful of TV episodes since 1998, when Family Matters ended. How on earth did she end up hosting this show?

Really, I’m puzzled. Is hosting a TV show that appealing, or do they just pay REALLY WELL? Maybe I should ask Laura, who’s worked in reality TV. I just can’t stop thinking about this burning question.

*Lame attempt at imitating the episode titles of The Big Bang Theory.

2 thoughts on “The Card Sharks Conundrum*

  1. Well, I can't speak for most of these people, although I will guess that they're just happy to have a job. As for Slater/Mario, I just wish he would play parts that showcase his cuteness and downplay his jerkiness.

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