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Today was a great day with Libbie. She slept until 8:30, took a two-hour nap, and was generally very happy. We went out to lunch, perused Hobby Lobby, and came home and played outside. I made applesauce and dinner. This house, which I’ve been very prejudiced against, was just starting to grow on me.

Then I realized our toilet had been running for a few hours.

Mr. V has been battling a screw that would not come out on our dryer so he could change the cord and ending up having to half-saw it out.

Dinner was a flop.

Applesauce was too cinnamony.

The light in the living room went completely out.

And what I was promised to be given to work on has materialized in an entirely different and very frustrating matter. On Friday afternoon, of course!

So lest you’ve made the mistake of thinking I’m some sort of sane, normal person, tonight I came very close to throwing myself on the floor and having a temper tantrum.

6 thoughts on “Flop

  1. This Chattanooga thing is new. Put life in perspective. There are worse things than simple house repairs and spicy applesauce. Your expectations for your new "perfect" life are going to be pretty high, and now you've come face to face with reality again. Hug Libbie and Mr. V, list all the reasons you ARE happy, and let the irritants go. And comment on my blog… 🙂

  2. Ah yes-it's hard to keep a healthy perspective when everything seems to go wrong, isn't it?

    Just so you know, I sometimes want to throw myself on the floor and have a full-blown temper tantrum too!
    Have a better day today.

  3. I hate days like that! So frustrating. At least there are "perfect" days to balance them out. It's just hard to see them sometimes.

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