International Delurking Week

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Did you know there’s an official delurking week? Supposedly it’s the second week in January. Which would be right now!

I’m sorta busy with the throwing everything in boxes. So what a great week for this!

If you read my silly little posts here, I’d love it if you’d tell me. Maybe why you come here, how you found me, what a dork you think I am. I’d love to see your comment. You can comment anonymously if you wish.

I would also really like to know how many subscribers I actually have. I sort of doubt Feedburner since it said I went from 52 to 226 subscribers in one day. I don’t think what I wrote on August 31 was THAT interesting (although I did mention boobs, so maybe that’s it).

So, to sum up:

Leave me a comment if you are a subscriber or reader. Just say “hi!”
If you comment and have a blog, I will visit some time this week.
I promise to try to comment on every blog I read this week, even though it’s a nutso week for me.

P.S. I am considering trying to go to the DisQus commenting system. Are you for or against? 

40 thoughts on “International Delurking Week

  1. Happy International Delurking Week! I think I've commented before, and I think I got here from a blog carnival – Real Food Wednesday, maybe? I lived in Nashville from 2004 to 2008 while my husband worked on his PhD at Vanderbilt, my little boy is close to your daughter's age, and I'm a neurotic lousy housewife, so I feel like we have a lot in common. I enjoy your reflections and wish blessings on your new home!

  2. Hi Jessie! I started subscribing in my reader after we met at Margarit-her! I may have to steal this "delurker" call to action, BTW. (and I am anti-Disqus)

  3. Hello!

    I'm sad that you are moving to Chattanooga just as I am getting ready to move back to the Nashville area. (Next month- YAY!) We have very similar tastes so I really enjoy reading your blog.

    I like commenting systems where you can reply to comments directly. Also ones that alert you when someone replys to you. (I use Livejournal where they do that and it makes conversations much easier). But I don't know enough about the blog commenting systems to know anything about Disqus.

  4. Hi! I am a follower… I've been reading since before you had your baby. =) I think I have commented sporadically… but I am so bad with it since I read in google reader! Hope you have a great week!

  5. Hello! I'm a subscriber, and I think I've actually commented a couple of times, though perhaps with my other profile. I'm also a Vanderbilt wife…at least until the end of the school year. Congratulations on the upcoming move!

  6. I am so not a blogger or blog-reader, but I read your blog! It is fun for me to see how you are doing and how Libbie is growing- especially since Lily Grace is the same age. They have so much in common! Miss you lots! Good luck with the move!


  7. I don't recognize Dis by the name itself (and honestly I was just too lazy to click over!), but look forward to hearing what you think about it. I'm not a fan of blogger comment system. I always have so many issues with the verification & I really hate the pop ups (not specifically yours, just blogger ones in general) so I'm sure it will be good!

  8. I read your blog every day. I love reading this blog and others because it makes me feel like part of a community. It's good to know others have similar thoughts and struggles and lives. Thanks a lot!

  9. How fun! I had no idea it was national delurking month! 🙂 I have you in my google reader and of course I found you through Pioneer Woman book signing!

  10. I think I found you through OohAmanda. I'm not sure, you know how that goes. I enjoy all of your posts and how honest you are. I tend to hide stuff if it's not all sunshine & rainbows. I think because my mom reads & would worry. O-well.
    Happy Delurking Week!

  11. Hi Jessie! I've been a subscriber for some time now, but I can't remember how I came to find your blog in the first place! It was before Libbie was born and I was so excited to become a mom myself. Now I have a little girl who is already 5 months old! Oh, and I was also drawn to you because my husband is currently working on his doctorate and we will be doing the whole job market/try to sell the house thing next fall. Wish us luck! Glad you get to be with your hubby again!

  12. Hi there! I think I found you via Musings of a Housewife when she asked everyone to post their Twitter names?? (I'm @jlk77) Your blog is fun and I love reading your book lists.

    I don't really know much about comment sections, other than I'm not a huge fan of Blogger's. I know it's annoying for bloggers to get comments without email addresses. But, if you don't have a blog, what to do? I don't really want to post my email address in my comment, know what I mean?

    Good luck with your move. I'm sure there will be much blog fodder:)

  13. I shall no longer lurk! I love keeping up with you and Mr. V even if I don't get the chance to chat very often aside from twitter 🙂 my blog is, just posted about my experience making pasta from scratch last night!

  14. I come over from Jordana's (Curmudeonry) from time to time; I usually check from work, so haven't yet remembered to add you to the reader on my home computer.

    I'm not a fan of Disqus, mostly because I forget to sign in until after I write my comment, and it complicates the process. I was using haloscan, which I loved, but which was bought by JS-Kit…just upgraded, but it is a pay service. =^(.

  15. Hey, Jessie!

    I found you…uh, because I worked with you! I don't subscribe…but I should. Basically, I just check up on you every once in a while by typing in vanderbiltwife…or using my blogroll.

    This delurking idea is very interesting! I may have to copy you 🙂

  16. Hi Jessie

    Am a big fan of your blog – can't remember when or how I found you but keep up the great work. Looking forward to hearing all about the new phase in your life.

  17. I subscribe and read! I don't know if I've ever commented, though. I swear, I try to comment from time to time on everybody's blogs, but I have no real method of making sure I do it on everybody's blogs, heh.

  18. Hi Jessie, my name is Lauri and I don't think I've ever commented before. I came across your blog because my daughter was born in October 2008 also 🙂 I can relate to everything you write about!

  19. Jess, you know I'm not a lurker; I'm your aunt. I read your posts whenever they go up, and you know I'm a Facebook stalker so I see them everywhere. :)Thanks for linking my homage to Joann. I'm getting hooked on this writing thing and I owe my getting back to writing to you. Love you!

  20. Hi! I read your blog regularly, but through a reader, so I don't comment often (ever!). Good luck on your move! We LOVE to visit Chattagnooga (like you, we live in Nashville), although until several years ago, I didn't realize what a great city it really is (doesn't look like much from the interstate!). There is really SO much to do there, and MUCH better city planning than we see here in Nashville. I'm a little jealous that you're getting to move there, really! Enjoy!

  21. I found you when you guest posted on MSM. I subscribe in Google Reader, but I have a bad habit of not commenting. There are so many times that I want to, but then I have some emergency to tend to. Four-year-old boys seem to cause a lot of emergencies. :O

  22. How funny is the timing of this post? I just found and subscribed to your blog the day before you wrote this entry. I'm always curious about who reads/subscribes to my blog too, so I'm happy to "meet" you! I think I found your blog from a McLinky or something. Probably on BooMama's blog? Anyway, I'm a fellow Nashville Mama in the blogging world, and finding/reading your blog felt like meeting an old friend in the same walk of life. Also, I tend to ramble. Ooops.

  23. Fun idea! I may have to do this as well.

    You know I read your every post, but maybe you don't know it's through Google Reader. So, I'll tell you that. But you probably already knew.

    And what do I love about your blog? Um…YOU!!! 🙂

  24. Hi! I'm Megan 🙂 I subscribe through Google Reader, so I'm not sure if I'm in your "official" count or not. I've been reading for several months, but don't really remember where I first ran across you. I'm sure it was some rabbit trail along the way…

    I'm jealous of your move to Chattanooga! That is a beautiful city! We live about an hour and a half away, but don't get to visit there nearly as much as I would like to.

    Good to meet you!

  25. Just wanted to say THANK YOU everyone for commenting! I've tried to visit as many of your blogs as I can. I appreciate your subscribing and commenting so much!

  26. Hi, Jessie,

    I've been a subscriber for around a month now. I thought it was really interesting to read about another nashville wife and mom (my son turns one in about 3 weeks), who also works for a Christian publisher. I want to say I found you through faithful provisions, but I'm not sure (evidently I read too many blogs:). Thanks for writing!


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