Into the Deep

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She gives everything hugs.

Blankets, dolls, a toy piano, her daddy. She cuddles everything close to her. She’ll even tuck her doll in with a blanket and pat him.

Her wide-mouth giggles when we tickle her make me giddy. She likes to try to tickle back, which makes me laugh even harder. Her nose crinkles, as it has since she was mere months old, and I can’t help but draw her close to me.

When it seems that my heart cannot hold any more, I see her smile, her serious thinking “fishy” face, even a pout, and I fall deeper in love.


I bought new jeans on Tuesday night. My new stay-at-home gig and Blissdom coming up and those still hanging around pounds were all demanding a classy pair of denim I could wear all the time. My most recent favorite pair I managed to get bleach on, and they’re also losing buttons. While there’s no way I will stop wearing them, I thought something slightly less worn would be nice for the conference.

I was thrilled to find some nice, dark, comfortable jeans Tuesday night at Ross for cheap.

Yesterday morning, Mom, Libbie, and I went to Panera for lunch. Walking from the car to the restaurant, I tripped, carrying Libbie, and landed hard on my right knee. And tore my brand-new jeans the first time I wore them.


It seems that I’m always falling lately. No control, I lay back and let life carry me. To the concrete, to the deep place in my heart, to a new city.

I fall.

6 thoughts on “Into the Deep

  1. Bad jean karma? Like the ending here and what a sweetie at top! Well, ripped's in fashion. At least it was. You'll look great. I wish women wouldn't worry so much about how they look to each other at these blog conferences. Not meant as a slight to you. your'e not the only one. Be careful!

  2. Libby is so beautiful…who wouldn't fall in love with her. I can hear her giggle from here. Hope you are not sore from your fall. I fell one morning this week and my legs started hurting the next day. Have fun at the conference.


  3. Hi! Just wanted to share my site with you since you have a cute little girl and let you know that for new customers, if you you enter IMNEW in the buyers note of your purchase of $15 or more (before shipping) You will get a free hair clip added to your order! Hope youll check it out! 🙂

  4. Oh Jessie, I feel your pain. Hang in there. It's always the favorite pair of things that get the rip (or in my case favorite shoes that get damaged), I always think it's God's way of reminding us what is really important, but I never take well to that message! Maybe we can find a weekend sometime to find "like new" jeans at the thrift stores or to hit some big sales. By the way, I miss you here in Nashville already. Keep posting the cute Libbie pics – one look at all that cuteness and one can't help but feel happier about the day!

  5. Such cute pictures!!!
    And a big *sigh* on the jeans!! I hate jean shopping w/a passion but isn't the reward so sweet when you find a good fit!!

  6. I fell down an escalator in a great pair of jeans once and ripped them… I think that I was more upset about that than the fact that I bused down an escalator in the middle of macy's and in front of the snooty cosmetics sales women (who actually turned out to be really nice to me)! So sorry to hear about your lost jeans!

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