Pay for Next Year’s Christmas, Part II

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See Part 1 here if you missed it.


MyPoints is super easy. Sign up. When they ask what you’re interested in, click on everything. Trust me. Use an e-mail you have reserved for junk mail or these sorts of things. MyPoints will send you many “BonusMails” throughout the day. Click on any of them that just requires you to click to get 5 points. You can also accumulate points by shopping online, printing coupons and using them, or using their toolbar. You can trade the points for gift cards. I’ve gotten many gifts cards for Starbucks, Target, Red Lobster, and Maggiano’s this way. I was able to give my sister-in-law a $10 Panera card just by clicking e-mails!

They don’t have a referral link thing, but if you’re interested in signing up and wouldn’t mind if I got 25 points because of it, e-mail me and I’ll send you a referral e-mail.

Amazon Affiliate Program

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I try to link products, books, and movies I’m talking about to Amazon. Mostly this is so you know what I’m talking about and you don’t forget about it before you have the chance to search yourself! But I do make a small percentage if you buy something through one of these links (4-6%). Anyone can sign up for the Amazon Associates program and you should, especially if you have a blog! They’ve now synced with Blogger and Twitter, making things really easy to link to.

I get my payments in the form of Amazon gift cards. Cause like I said, you can get anything on Amazon! But then again, I’m not making $10,000 a month from it like Mr. ProBlogger!


Occasionally, especially around the holidays, I get coupons in the mail for things like $10 off a $10 purchase. I’ve seen quite a few from JC Penney’s the last year or so. Of course, their thinking is that it gets you in the store to spend more money. But if you truly use it as it’s stated, you can get items for FREE to give away!

I got one of those coupons from the LifeWay store this year, and used it to buy my father-in-law some nice, gourmet coffee, which he loves. Completely free!

I hope this has been helpful to you and you’ll be able to get some “Free Money” this year by using one or more of these programs! So, tell me: Any other useful tips you’ve used for buying gifts for cheap or free?

3 thoughts on “Pay for Next Year’s Christmas, Part II

  1. Fun tips!! You did better than me on the My Points, I don't think I really saw that one through but now you've got me thinking!!

    I like to sell some things on ebay throughout the year. The paypal thing works like a savings account for me b/c I forget about it. So I tend to keep it there for a while & then I have some money to shop with online. It feels like play money b/c I never feel it come out of my checking account!

  2. Great ideas! I already use most of these,and you're right – they come in awesome at Christmas time! We had over $100 in Amazon gcs from swagbucks alone this year.

    Some of my other tips:
    -Keep an eye out on freebie deals and giveaways, including things at CVS, Walgreens, etc that you can get for extremely cheap or free. I stock up on a lot of little lotions, hand sanitizers, crayons, office supplies, room sprays, first aid kits, etc that are nice to tuck into stockings or add to gift bags. Make-up is often something I can snag for very cheap or free. I include a lot of it with the gifts for my teenage nieces – they love them! It is a nice way to "bulk-up" a gift like a gift card. The Freebie Blogger is a great resource

    – Survey groups – I especially love Focus Forward ( – it is a referral link) and 20/20 research: . They don't contact you very often, but when they do it is a great opportunity. I did a one-day online focus group with 20/20 and made $100 in amazon gcs, just for logging into a message board and giving my opinion about a propsed new baby product! Easy, easy!

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