The Requisite Blissdom Fashion Post

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On my last post Leisa commented that she wished everyone were not so concerned with what they’re wearing to Blissdom–or other conferences/events.

I guess it’s something I continually struggle with. I want not to care what I wear, because after all, what does it really matter? But then I also don’t want to feel like a fat slob. I want to take care of myself for my husband and for my own self-confidence. I want to look put-together so my husband is proud that I am his wife.

So then I want nice clothes. I want to be on What Not to Wear so I can have Clinton and Stacy dress me from expensive boutiques and have garments that won’t fall apart after I wear them three times.

And then I feel guilty for wanting. And I think how it shouldn’t matter.

When I wonder about these things, I try to go back to the Bible. Miss Proverbs 31, an excellent model for women, clothed her household “in scarlet” and herself “in fine linen and purple.” I would take that to mean they were dressed well. It is obvious, however, than her clothing was not her main concern: she worked hard making linen, selling it, planting a vineyard, making food for her family, and taking care of the poor and needy.

Last year I was slightly obsessive about what to wear to this conference. You know what happened? Once I was there, I really didn’t care what I–or anyone else–was wearing. I bought a dress to wear to the cocktail party and was so feverish and tired of lugging around Libbie that I didn’t go and thus didn’t wear it (don’t worry, I’ve gotten good use out of it since then!).

I think we notice the “oh my goodness what will I wear” about these conferences so much because of the 500 women attending who are all on Twitter asking about it. I would say they’re probably no more worried about what to wear to this than they are about what to wear to any occasion where they will meet new people and want to feel confident. And with social media it’s super easy to reach out to other women who are worrying about the same issue and collaborate.

All of that to say, I did buy a few new items. Because I needed them anyway and I want to feel comfortable and confident. I am SUCH an internal person and big crowds of people I don’t know scare me half to death. I need every ounce of confidence I can muster! And yes, I do think looking nice helps that.

So while I don’t think we should be stressing out any more than normal about our attire, I do understand where it’s coming from. Jo-Lynne has some great, practical advice on conference fashion if you’re looking for those specifics.

While we’re talking Blissdom, can I tell you HOW excited I am to meet these amazing bloggers for the first time? If you’re looking for a good read, check them out!

Jen from Balancing Beauty and Bedlam
Mary from Giving Up on Perfect
Laura from Hollywood Housewife
Sarah from Real Life
Jill from The Diaper Diaries
Amy from The Finer Things in Life
Crystal from Money Saving Mom
Liz from Hoosier Homemade
Kristina from Tennessee Locavore 
Kate from A Simple Walk / Cooking During Stolen Moments
Mandi at It’s Come to This

If you’re going and I haven’t met you yet, leave me a comment and let me know!

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16 thoughts on “The Requisite Blissdom Fashion Post

  1. Me too, my friend…can't wait. Make sure you come and find me and give me a big hug. I am so afraid I won't recognize people without their twitter picture on their name tag. Seriously, aren't you? It will be lots of fun.

  2. I agree about the needless stress over the wardrobe! That being said, however, I am a 1st-timer and have stressed quite a bit about what to wear around all my peers for three days straight! Lol I hope you guys are getting settled into your new digs, and I look forward to meeting you face to face!


  3. What a wonderful post!
    I love that eshakti dress 😉

    I cannot wait until Blissdom!!!

    We'll notice what people wear and we'll comment and compliment but, we won't care 😉 and for the most part.. we won't remember 😉

    It's the heart of the people we meet that matters, and that we'll remember.

  4. Great post! I can't wait to go and meet everyone! The other thing that I am so excited about is meeting all the other Nashville bloggers! I will have to try to track you down!

  5. Great post and very true! I went shopping for some pieces to wear to Blissdom, but I also needed some new clothes since I haven't shopped for myself in forever. But I am not going to stress over what I am wearing anymore!

    First-timer here and hoping to meet you!


  6. Well, there is also this: And why be anxious about clothing? Learn a lesson from the wild lilies. Watch their growth. They neither toil nor spin Matthew 6.28

    But, i've wondered about that verse, for it is true that flowers are beautiful, but if i didn't work i'm not sure there would be clothes to wear.

    Thanks for coming by my blog – even more, leaving a comment! So glad you made it by.

    I doubt Chattanooga would ever have as much snow as we have, but i remember some big snows in Knoxville & Livingston/Cookeville when i was a child. Still, i don't think they ever had as much as we have now.

    Thanks for coming by! Hope you can make it again. Hope you have a ton of fun at your conference.

  7. You are so sweet!

    I went to my first conference this summer and was ridiculously nervous. So worried about what to wear and how I was going to meet people and would they like me and blah, blah, blah.

    I had the time of my life and met some great friends. I think the thing to keep in mind is that having the jitters is normal. So remember that everyone else is going to have the jitters too.

    Or just imagine everyone naked. 😀

  8. Thanks so much for this post! I spent the morning searching for that elusive pair of perfect jeans. Sigh. So your wise words were just what I needed! (:

    I will be at Blissdom and I'm so looking forward to meeting you!!

  9. When I go to conferences, I usually wear the requisite black pants and two layers on top. You never know how warm or cold hotel conference rooms are going to be. It's important that the under layer be acceptable on its own, though. This sturdy German girl rarely shows her upper arms outside my home. 🙂 I've also taken to wearing skirts or dresses in the spring and summer for the same reasons.

    Remember, though, the opportunity to meet others who think like you do is important to your psyche and you will have fun no matter what you wear. Love you!

  10. "they're probably no more worried about what to wear to this than they are about what to wear to any occasion where they will meet new people" — you mean NEW WOMEN!Women dress for women!

    You are right that looking nice helps confidence, though. A quote from The Great Gatsby: "When a girl feels that she is perfectly groomed and dressed, she can forget that part of herself. That's charm. The more parts of yourself you can afford to forget, the more charm you have."

    I think of that quote whenever I mistakenly wear something that requires constant adjusting, pinning, etc. Clothes that you feel good in are priceless!

  11. @Kathryn–You are totally right. Once again, I think the Bible makes it clear there is a difference between attending to something and worrying over it. Such a fine line!

    @Jessica–Yes, we totally dress for women, unless we're trying to catch a man! Ha! What a great quote. Love it!

  12. OH, My Gosh! I am SO SO SO excited to meet you!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you go last year, and I didn't know you? How can that be?

    I get really excited about what I wear, because I don't go places and get dressed up that often! To me, it's just fun, to share fashion ideas and see everyone's personality come out in their wardrobe.

    HAve I mentioned I am excited to meet you???

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