Things I Love Thursday: Baby Clothes

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No more serious. Today, I’m just talking little girl clothes. I love them. I LOVE dressing my daughter. Here’s a few recent favorites that I won’t buy, but will continue to drool over!

This “Le Petit Gateau” top from BabyGap is SO precious! Unfortunately it’s on sale and they only have it left in 6-12 months as of Tuesday night. On sale for $12.99, and you can get an extra 20% off with code GAPEXTRA20 (Thanks BabyCheapskate!) [$10.39]

Actually found this Etsy seller through my Project Wonderful ad on my sidebar. These overalls are so cute! I love overalls (on KIDS!) and snowmen are so sweet. $38

How incredibly beautiful is this Ivory Winter Dress Coat from one of my favorite Etsy sellers, LilMissMuffin—a fellow Tennessean? I never know how to dress Libbie on Sunday mornings over her dress. This would be PERFECT. I’m tempted… $49.99

I don’t understand the shoes, but otherwise I’m crazy about this super-cute getup from Old Navy. Have I mentioned that I love purple? I don’t mind pink now that I have a little girl, but purple is still my favorite on her. Cardigan – $19.50; Printed Smocked Dress – $16.50; Jersey Leggings – $8.50

So, there are just some things I love tonight.

13 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday: Baby Clothes

  1. Those are so sweet!!! Truth be told, I actually enjoy doing laundry IF it's full of clothes for Megan & Evan!!! There's something about their little clothes that makes me smile (even if I am doing laundry!)

  2. Mandi, I like doing Libbie's laundry too. Laundry is actually the one chore I don't mind too much, and Libbie's clothes are just so sweet and little!

  3. I love that gap shirt….I might look for Laney in the store. And I used to like washing little clothes but now they are getting bigger and having more laundry. I don't think Caden makes it through the day with out getting a stain.

  4. Very cute!! My daughter is 3, and there are still SO many adorable things for her to wear! I keep seeing baby girl clothes, though, and thinking, "I have GOT to have another baby girl!"

  5. Those clothes are too cute! All boys over here and let me say, while boys clothing selections are getting better, they are NO WHERE near girls! Ahem! I'm not jealous much! 🙂

  6. Oh, what great outfits! Since having a girl, I have gone insane over all things girly- clothes, shoes, headbands. And she's not even one yet! Love love love that old navy outfit, must go shop!

    Ashley, visiting from TILT 🙂

  7. You are so like me! I'll drool over it for a sweet forever, but I won't buy it. Of course, once it sells out I kick myself for a week. 🙂

    Little girls' clothes are SO expensive… or maybe it's just that they need more variety!

  8. I am LOVING that last outfit. I CANNOT buy anymore girl's clothes. My 3 yo has buckets full of clothes from her older sister. I am seriously into boys clothes right now with the new little man around.

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