This Might Be a Series

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I was laying in bed last night, half-delirious from sleepyness and more than half-obsessing over an article I have due on Friday and feeling more than half-guilty about not writing here more often when I have so many ideas floating around in my head.

I’ve been tempted lately to buy one of those little handheld voice recorders because I write blog posts in my head most abundantly in the car and right before I fall asleep–and promptly forget most of them before I get to a computer.

I’m not exactly sure why Robin from Pensieve flew to my mind last night, but I try not to question those kinds of things. Since I still remembered this half-composed post this morning, it must be destiny! So today I want to share with you the reasons I love Robin as a blogger and friend.

Top Ten Reasons I Love Robin and Her Blog, Pensieve

1. She’s not afraid to post something really long if it’s important to her.

2. She’s an experienced mom whose kids seem to adore her and she truly adores her kids, too.

3. She is the only blogger I decided to follow because I had a dream telling me to do so. (And she didn’t get too scared when I told her so.)

4. She is SUCH a magnificent writer.

5. She loves poetry.

6. She drove way out of her way to meet me the first time we visited Chattanooga.

7. She relishes the simple life.

8. She’s not afraid to say what she thinks, and say it in a way that changes my mind about something.

9. She writes beautiful tributes like this.

10. She loves passionately and is passionate about Compassion.

Bonus: This.

I definitely think this is going to be a series, because I want to share with you the bloggers I truly adore. I hope you’ll click some of these links and see why you NEED to subscribe to Pensieve.

This Top Ten Tuesday linked up at OhAmanda–whom you know will be in this series of Bloggers I Love and Why You Should Love Them, Too!

11 thoughts on “This Might Be a Series

  1. This is such an awesome idea!

    As much as I love #ff on Twitter, I never know why people are recommending someone. Having all these reasons makes me sure I'm going to love her too.

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. That is so touching. And I'm sure it is incredibly encouraging to her as well. I think this would make a great series. I think others would be encouraged and uplifted by this type of posting.

    I hope you have a great time in Pennsylvania!

  3. I feel kinda nekkid right now.

    Wait, it's more like NAKED 'cause nekkid means I don't have on any clothes AND I'm up to something ;).

    Jessie………..I'm in the midst of the most frustrating morning (YIKES–NOW IT'S AFTERNOON!) and I hit your blog after receiving your tweet asking for a search feature….and I see THIS???

    You have no idea how much air you just blew up my skirt. I'd put Marilyn Monroe to shame…!

    Thank you for your word generosity today. I don't deserve it…but I'm blessed well beyond these words.



  4. I have to totally agree with you. I absolutely adore Robin to pieces! I could probably even do a top 10 post of my reasons and they'd be different than yours – well, I few would be the same. I'm so glad you remembered these and posted this!

  5. GREAT idea! I've followed Robin since meeting her last year at Blissdom, and you've got her pegged. I especially love that you followed her after a dream – and that it didn't freak her out. I like that.

  6. So genuine and sweet! I know that made Robin's day and her site is awesome! I have had her on my list since blissdom last year, too!
    And you know what- I have weird dreams and wake up doing what I dreamed, too. I think we're all kinds of Biblical like that, don't you?

  7. I love Robin, too. This was a great, accurate list.

    And I've been kinda doing this, too, with a "Meet my Peeps" series, that, sadly, I've been neglecting. This inspired me to get back at it.

    See you soon, chica!

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