Blissdom Fashion, Part II

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My number one Blissdom concern? Not being able to find the people I want to meet!

I know, it seems silly. I am there to learn and yada yada. We all know that really, it’s a great chance to meet all those people I read every day!

I still can’t believe how many people I didn’t get to meet last year. I was in such a fog of fever and breastfeeding and newness that I simply didn’t connect like I should have. I did get to meet a lot of wonderful women, but knowing now that Jen and Sarah and Mary were all there and I didn’t even say hi to them just eats me up inside!

So, here you go:

This is what I’ll be wearing on Friday and to Savvy Blogging. Surely you won’t be able to miss me if you want to meet me! (Only I might actually do my hair and wear make-up. Maybe.)

I’ll be wearing this sweater and jeans on Saturday:

(They’re not dirty…just my camera flash. Argh.)

And this on Sunday to Amanda’s Pancake Pantry meet-up and to drive home:

P.S. If you are planning on coming to the Pantry–it is ALWAYS absolutely freezing cold. Wear something warm. And the coffee is not very good, so hit up Fido or Provence nearby if you want a good cup.

I’m not faking it here–I am no fashion diva. I’m totally a jeans girl. And yes, this is my same beloved $5 red cardigan. And my bleach-stained jeans.

So will I be able to find you if I want to meet you?

Maybe I should just wear this hat from my Twitter picture and gravatar. Jen from Beauty and Bedlam was worried she wouldn’t be able to find people if they didn’t look like their Twitter pics!

Um, yeah. Think not. I look like a bank robber. 😉

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5 thoughts on “Blissdom Fashion, Part II

  1. Yes, I am a jeans girl too, but I'm trying to come up with something besides that for Savvyblogging.

    I'm impressed you've got your wardrobe all ready. I've yet to start.

    Can't wait to meet you!


  2. I am so happy you bought that shirt. It is different from what you usually wear, but it is sooo cute! Yay for shopping with your crazy sister.

  3. Ha! I love that Amanda suggested leaving the hat at home. That's a true friend. 😉

    Your outfits are cute!! I'm a jeans girl, too, but honestly, my black pants are just more flattering these days. So I'll be doing lots of that look. I think. I actually haven't figured it all out for sure!!!! Yikes!

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